Semana Triente y Ocho: I am happy here in the Mission

I'm learning Tico slang.  I'm pretty good at using it too!
I truly had a GREAT week.  I focused every day on feeling and following the Spirit and saw miracles!!!  
 Cow tongue is actually much much yummier than stomach.  Today was great!  I had a spiritual personal study, spiritual reunion de distrito, spiritual lesson with Mayela, spiritual lesson with Andrea (she and her sister Faiker accepted baptismal dates for March 14!!) Found Alberto at last, had a spiritual lesson with Rosa and her son and Alberto's hermano, then we felt strongly that we should keep the appt. with the family of Jennifer and Oliver (active members) even though we were late.  We went without preparing a message.  When we got there a Mormon Message popped in my head.  We watched it and discussed it and Hermana Jennifer started crying and said it was an answer to her prayers.  The Spirit had been working in us today!! And instead of ending the day tired and frustrated as usual, we felt vibrant, happy, and hopeful.  I know this is what we have been missing!

Today we had a meeting with Elder Alonso (a Seventy) in San Jose with all the leadership of the mission.  It was SO good!  He really raised our vision, hope, and faith of what we can accomplish.  (He showed us how we can have 37 baptisms every month per companionship just from referrals!!)  Plus president was back!!  So everything was elevated a bit.  President Alonso made a promise in the name of Jesus Christ that as we search diligently with faith we will find not one... but FIVE complete families ready to be baptized.  He said that we are the type of missionaries that are ready  to find people who are ready.  IT was so cool!!

Today we taught Marco.  He has gone to church for nine years and has never been baptized!  his wife is a member.  The lesson was SO spiritual and I am PRAYING that he will be our miracle baptism this month!!
Today we had divisions with the Hermanas in San Carlos.  We woke up eeeeearly to take the 5 o'clock, two hour long bus there.. (it is BEAUTIFUL... like driving through the English countryside but tropical... because then you drive through the mists of a nearby volcano... super tuanis)... then I switched my comp for Hermana Chandia and headed back on another two hour fun!  Today was really great.  We found five new investigators and set appts. for un MONTON de otras personas que van a ser nuevos esta semana que viene.  It was really great to work with Hermana Chandia.  Sometimes I think I learn more from the divisions than the Hermanas!  She is now a very good friend and we will see each other after the mission at BYU.
Still with Hermana Chandia... today was GREAT!!! We found ten new investigators!!!  I am seeing IN ACTION the promise of Elder Alonso... as we search with faith... open our mouths... the Lord is blessing us with FAMILIES!! Today we visited a new family... Oscar and Adriana are the parents... and then Genesis, Isaac, y Sinaí are the kids.  They are a GREAT GREAT family and I know they were a blessing from Heavenly Father!!!!!!!  We didn't extend a baptismal date :( but next Wednesday is the next appt. and I know they will be baptized soon! More lessons... and then Correlacion with the ward mission leader and the Elders.  Those muchachos will also be my friends forever :)  I love the mission!
Today I was with my companion Hermana Ortiz once again.  She was a little frustrated because they didn't find many new investigators in San Carlos.  But that's okay!  Today we found seven more nuevos in our area.  Tejar is BLESSED!! 27 nuevos this week!!!  The Lord is hastening the work in Alajuela!!! 
Church in Trinidad again... it sure is rough to get people to go to church!!! But today Mayela came again (she is so great... she hasn't missed since we found her) and also Faiker!!!  but Faiker left after sacrament meeting without telling us........... we weren't with her because we were doing the music but she was with a member and the member said she called her dad to come get her :(  Then after church we visited some less actives that made us the MOST DELICIOUS tortillas that we ate with natilla... then we headed to the Elders Quorum president's house to eat with Rosy and her family and the Elders.  We had some other lessons and contacted antiguos investigadores... great day! Oh ya, And I spoke in church with Elder Macias and the ward mission leader.  It wasn't the best talk I've given.  :)
Today we cleaned the house.... got someone to search the house to see if we have a pipe leaking somewhere (because the water bill was 21 mil colones..... did I already tell y'all that???  We don't have that kind of moola) :)..... Went to a district activity where we played basketball and futbol.... I actually played soccer this time and kicked the ball once or twice ;)  Then we ate at Taco Bell everyone together and headed to work!  We had a noche de hogar with Natalia and Roney then headed over to Olga's and Jose Eduardo's!  I am happy here in the mission.  I am happy in my area.  I am happy with my companion and my leaders...... I have much to improve and am constantly seeing how I can do it....but I sure am happy here.  
Today we started divisions with Grecia.... there are some little problemitas there so it was very important that we could have these divisions.  I am in Grecia right now and am looking forward to the miracles that the Lord will send us! :)

I hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL week.  We really are so blessed to have the gospel.  There is no reason for sadness people.... we've got the truth!!! Be happy and share it with the world!! I truly hope you can all feel the spirit more this week and realize just how blessed we are.  I LOVE YOU MORE THAN GALLO PINTO!!!!  :) Nos vemos pronto!!
Les Quiero,
Hermana Cook

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