Semana Trienta y Cinco: Nicolle and Michelle are baptized

Oh dear I'm afraid that once again I don't have a biggy to send.  This week was a little rough :)  We didn't have many lessons or opportunities to teach... we didn't find many nuevos... and because of that we got a little discouraged and lazy... we didn't open our mouths much and it was just drab.  But I have repented and this week will be different!!!

Some highlights however...
President Wilkinson has been in Utah for the past three weeks or so... he had to have a hip replacement.  Send your prayers to him and his family!!!!! Meanwhile... President Cordon is here meanwhile.  We had the Leaderhsip Council with him this week and learned a LOT.  It started out a little rough because everyone was thinking... this is NOT how President does it!! But we really ended up learning a whole lot and I think it prepared us well for the two new mission presidents.. whoever it is.. we will learn a lot from them! 
Second highlight...
Nicolle and Michelle were baptized!! Did I ever tell you about them???  Their parents were baptized like 5 months ago.  And Nicolle was going to be baptized (Michelle wasn't 8 yet) but in the font she started screaming that they were forcing her and... well... she didn't end up getting baptized.  Whenever the sisters went to visit she would rip up their liahonas and tear pages out of the Book of Mormon...... She is kind of scary.  So the Elders started visiting them.... then we had transfers and Hermana Ortiz and I came to town.  We visited them because we live closer but didn't really focus on teaching Nicolle... we just started inviting her to leave and teach with us.  Little by little she became nicer and nicer to us.  Then one day the Elders called and said that the girls were with an investigator of the Elders and she had convinced them to be baptized!!! It was a miracle!! So technically Nicolle should count for us.... but the Elders asked if they could count her and we had decided we were a team so we said of course :)  So Nicolle and Michelle were baptized last Saturday... but they were VERY specific about who would attend and requested that I do their hair which I did con mucho gusto.  It was a lovely service and I hope they continue changing poco a poco.  Now.  Numbers don{t matter.  The important thing is that two more daughters of our Heavenly Father decided at last to be baptized!!!!!!!!!! However...... now Hermana Ortiz and I are basically out of possible baptisms for this month............... it's rough.  We should be baptizing every week.  Especially as the leaders.  But that's okay... we will continue with the faith that we will find people that are prepared in this short time!

So this week was slow..... not much to report.... here is to a MUCH better week.  I really really really miss you all this week... a lot!  and also Utah food.............. Esta bien.  

Have a great week all!  I love you and I DO love this work!!

Hermana Cook
Bautismo de aquipo

Gabriella with Nicolle and Michelle

Beautiful hair

The kids of Hermana Reyna

Roney!!  Look at this beautiful family!!!  Soo happy!!!

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Maria Isabel and her mom Kathia

Last minute pep talk

She is from Riverton!

Divisions with Grecia!  Herman's Canales, hales, Ortiz and Cook

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