Semana Trienta y Cuatro: Alberto and Roney are baptized

 I only have five minutes!!!!  Okay okay enough suffering for yall... next week I will manage my time well and use my journal and all.

Highlights... ALBERTO Y RONEY SE BAUTIZARON!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!! Seriously it was the most beautiful thing!! We worked hard to find them white shirts and ties and I gave away an undershirt and a skirt to Natalia and they came soooooo beautifully dressed.  Their family is REALLY progressing and will soon be eternal!  :)  Alberto is really great too... he shared his testimony in his baptism and it started out "It was a beautiful day in summer... and I noticed two birds... singing... but there was no water..."  :)  I didn´t even giggle.  He is great and has a huge desire to share the gospel.  My converts here are solid... they are truly converted and making great progress!!!

Aaaaaand thats about it.  No other highlights.... We are out of money this week because we had to pay three times the water bill.... so I will be losing more weight!! :)  Haha.  No that´s a joke.  We have pudding and a can of tuna.  :)  

There is a video on youtube that explains garments and sacred temple clothing... we can´t search on youtube but maybe someone can find it in spanish and send it to me so I can put it on a dvd?  Or download it on a dvd there and send it to me?

I LOVE YOU PEOPLE!  Lo siento mucho por no tener mucho tiempo.  Next week I PROMISE I will do better... and I have LOTS of pictures to send si???

Okay.  And off to work I go!! Tomorrow I complete 8 months in the mission... I have to admit I´m starting to feel a little........... hmm.  Like.. wow everything I have already done I´ve got to do over again.  I am learning a lot about enduring to the end and never relaxing or taking it easy... I´ve got to give EVERYTHING until the very very end!  And I shall do it!

Love you all!  Happy Week!

Hermana Cook

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