Semana Siete: "What I Love about Costa Rica Day"

Buenas!!!!!!  Como estan?  Okay.  Long email today!  Get ready!
Last pday... hardest day yet.  I wanted to go home all day... I know I´m the worst missionary for saying it but I was having such a hard time.  During emails I had SO much more to say to yáll but I couldn´t stop crying ha.... silly. 
Then we went to Hermana Elsa´s for FHE.  It actually ended up being so fun and nice for me because the kids LOVE me.  They love trying ot say hermana cooooook and lov emy hair and my eyes and trying to teach me spanish.  It made me feel a little better.

Then FHE at Hmna Gretels.  THIS was a huge tender mercy.  They actually had a nice clean house where I felt safe eating the food and sitting on the couch!  The family was dressed like they were from Draper and it felt like a family home evening at home.  FINALLY something comfortable! 
Then at night there was a cockroach in the bathroom and in the morning I had a spoonful of ants in my cereal. 
The Lord loves me and my family is praying for me!  They must be because I was so blessed today.

My trainers had interviews with President today so we had to leave early again.  When we were walking they were talking fast spanish and suddenly started sprinting.  So i did too of course... we almost missed the but and I coudlnt´figure out the money and the drive was mad and I was just done. 
When we got to the office there were like six American HErmanas and they all came nad asked how I was doing and I just burst into tears and started sobbing.  ... haha....  They all comforted me and for the next FIVE hours I got advice and love and comfort.  They said they ALL went through the same thing and it´ll pass.  They said it´s always hard, bu it gets better at the same time... Then president came out and said,"I read your letter.. you are working hard and are just going through the same trials everyone has to go throug.  Be patient and keep pushing!  You can do it!"

We finally got to lunch at 4 and there were bugs crawling on our food.  Yum!  Then we finally had a lesson with Pamela and her daughter Valerie.  Both are recent converts and are awesome.  They fed us Chiky´s and a banana milkshake (everyone feeds us here at every appointment)  On the way there I got a phone call from Jesus.  He was trying to speak in English to me and said he had a test and was nervous.  After chatting a while I said I had to teach a lesson but good luck and he said, "I don´t like that you feel alone because you have friends in Costa Rica.  You are never alone here!"  I just wanted to die.  And cry of course haha.  It was so sweet and just what I needed.  I am not alone because I have friends in Costa Rica!  What a blessing.  Later in the night he texted saying, "Sisters.  My test was very difficult.  I am worry.  I hope pass."  Haha.

Mutual- TWELVE nonemember boys came and one little girl.  awesome!

Then TWENTY FOUR hermanas came to stay at our house... oh ya.  We live in an actually house with like five beds to a room so all the hermanas can stay there.  It is pretty crazy here and we got to bed way late but it is fun too because there are english speakers!! And I met like four girls from the facebook group!
Okay.  I´m done being mopey.  I´m not going to learn the language in one week.  I need patience and faith.  I know it is going to be okay.  Who cares what these peopole think of me??  I just need to open my mouth and DO IT!
Had to wait an hour for the bathroom this morning because of the 24 hmnas... and they used my nice shampoo.....
Lunch at mary janes.. man the kitchen is always gross.  But I decided I need to start loving it here.  So I instigated "What I love about Costa Rica Day"  which I celebrate every day.  I choose one thing that I can truly love about my area.  Today was the colors of all the houses.  So when I´m sitting there thinking "is this meat even safe to eat?" I chang emy thoughts to "But my wha tbright orange walls!  How I love the colors here!" I said that phrase several times today haha.  I think it is helping!
District meeting... our district leader said that a teenager in the ward said she was sad becasue she loves to hear gringas try to speak spanish, but that I´m not that bad!! That´s good right???  Then we went and interviewed 9 year old jefferson for BAPTISM ON SATURDAY!! Yay!  He is so cute, when he was done, he came out and did a punch the air fist pump thing.  He is SO excited and ready!  His little brother is Mattias and reminds me so much of Easton!  But Latino!  Then a lesson with David in a members house.  It was actually nice and clean again!  IT is crazy how one how is so nice and the next is a literal shack.  so weird.

Then we went to an appt but she wasnt there so we just started contacting the street and one turned into a lesson with three new investigators!  Twas great.
Lastly we ran to visit Marlene, the mother of Jesus, because Jesus called saying she wanted to smoke.  We taught a great lesson adn of course she fed us juice and crackers.  The house wasnt the most clean and there was a spider on the wall as big as Easton´s hand.... but my how I love the colors!! :)
I fell asleep on my knees last night.  Thats a good sign right?? And in a lesson yesterday... AND a lesson today.  Okay maybe not good.

This morning there was something oging on between my latinas.  I have no idea what but I could feel the tension...
Instead of going to lunch at mary janes today we went to a different members house.  Her house was way clean and so nice.  She was so old and reminded me of Grama Manning!  It was her and her fifty three year old daughter.  The whole time, Grama stood behind me and patted my head and shoulders and face haha.  Literally for an hour!  It was cute.  Guess what we ate?!?!  Spaghetti with A&W rootbeer and finger jello!  Wow.  How nice.
Spanish was worse today
Our investigator that is thirteen and lives with her boyfriend is pregnant :(  that´s like COLLETTE!!!  It´s pretty common here.  So sad.
The kids love me everywhere we go.  I think they think I´m funny looking.  They just laugh at me. 
What I love baout Costa Rica day:  RAIN!
It was pouring all morning and afternoon and I actually love it.  When it stopped it started the nightly lightnigh show.  It is awesome!  It happens almost every night.

I also tried hard today to literally smile all day- like real smile.. with teeth.  I´m sure I looked ridiculous.  In fact I KNOW i did because I spotted myself in a window or two.  But it made such a difference!  I honestly felt better and even more confident!  I already had a goofy smile on my face.. how much worse could my spanish make it?
I can truly feel the prayers of my sweet family.  They are incredible and the greatest blessing of the gospel for me.  I love them SO much!  This is one of the great blessings I want to bring to the people here!  A strong loving family that can be together FOREVER!

Everyday I´m starting to love the work more.  I´m WAY off now but little by little...
I think Hmna B is sick.  She woke up late and then I accidently walked in on her crying on the phone.  She was quiet and moody seeming and at mary janes she at SO fast then slept on the couch.  I wish I could understand what is going on!  But I´m praying for her..
I have golf ball sized mosquito bites.
We had a lesson with pamela and her friend priscilla.  When I bore my testimony Pamela cried!! I am so grateful the spirit speaks spirit to spirit and not spanish to spanish.
Then we had a lesson with the Hmna de Jesus.  She didn´t seem even like she was listening.  But I did the first vision and everything!  Then her husband came and wow he is way more prepared than she is.  I extended the Baptismal invitation!!  The more I get to participate, the more I start to liket his.

Then we had a lesson with Fernando, husband of pamela.  Last week before I got here the sisters had a fast with their family because Fernando was out of work.  This past week he got a job!  Today he told us he promised God that if he got a job he would pay tithing.  So we taught him about that and gave a slip and right there and then he got out a calculator and figured out how much he owed.  What an example!  Tomorrow we are starting a fast of gratitude.

Then we went to visit sharon, the pregnant 13 year old, but it turns out she had a miscarriage today :( poor little 13 year old baby.
Then we visited Hmna Julia.  The kids were all playing soccer in the streets and the teenagers were playing volleyball with a rope they´d tied to the gates. 
Then ther ewas a surprise party at the church for a sister that turned fifty.  So fun!  They were playing music from dad´s age and they served a pastry that tasted like a toaster strudel.  Also there is a group of sisters in the ward that look like they are from draper.  They were talking about me.. :)
I got a phone call from Jesus.  He just wanted to talk in English again.. in very broken english he said, "coooook.  I need to be with you in the night so I can learn english!  Do you have time for me??"  Yikes.  ha...
FIRST BAPTISM1!!  Wahoo what a great day.  We had to be at the chapel at 7 am to clean and fill the font.  It´s a tradition to make a video of how you feel on your first time.  Of course I tried. haha will TRY to send it to you!
Then we had study time and my comps told me my spanish is so clear that I really need to start talking more to gain the trust of the investigators and the members.  Well if I could understand what they were saying...
Then Hmna Wilkinson came to talk to hmna B and had me stay out with her daughter.  Yep.  Somethings up...

Then there was a primary fiesta and we ate pizza.... right before going to mary janes for lunch.  The food wasn´t ready so we blew up balloons for an hour which felt like a waste of time then the food was so bad I just couldn´t do it so we snuck out and fed it to the dog :)
then we headed to pamela and fernando´s to start the fast.  We talked about sacrifices and when I bore my testimony, fernando asked for a specific example of when I´ve sacrifieced and seen blessings.  So I told him about how much of a sacrifice my mission has been- to leave my incredibl efamily and come to a new country where I dnt know a thing and the language is so hard for me, but that God ahs blessed me with power to accomplish things I never thought I could.  Of course, I cried haha.  When pamela prayed to start the fast she included me in the fast.  So grateful!  Later my comps said my spanish was PERFECT in my testimony.  That was truly the spirit- the gift of tongues at work!  So grateful!  Now if only it was just once a week ha.
Then we went to my FIRST BAPTISM!!  JEfferson.  He basically cheered as he was entering the font!  He was so excited.  THen we sang Come thou fount in English and Jendry, His mon, bor her testimony.  She isn´t a member yet because she isn´t married but her testimony was so pure and strong!

Then a couple more lessons and we headed home.  We did an LPE with a man that lived in LA for five years so I did the whole thing in English!  It was awesome.  He said, "Aaaah.  Growing up we always said all the most beautiful girls were from Utah.  Now I know that is true!" Haha... We were joking about it all night because all the men here yell things at me because I´m blonde.  Words I don´t understand (which is probably good).  Then some young guys on a motorcylce saw me and started following us so we had to sprint home. .. haha what an adventure!  I´m safe! It´s just because all the beautiful girls come from Utah! ;)
Today we had FIFTEEN investigators at church!! Thats a record for the mission!  I still don´t understand a word... But I can feel the prayers of my family!
I feel really really bad that Im not the missionary I set out to be.  I had so many goals and this vision of how I´d be... and I´m falling short in every single area.  It feels like I´m letting down Heavenly Father and my mission president and my parents.. everyone!  I´ve never felt so incapable and truly bad at something before.  I literally can´t do it.  But the good news is the Lord can!  Right??

Many lessons and my spanish understanding was a wave.  One lesson I´d get it and the next... nothing.  Then this coupld fed us some nasty fish and shrimp and water soup thing.  Then dinner at Hmna patricias.  Her home teachers were there so they stayed for dinner too.  I was totally lost the whole time and suddenly one of the priesthood leaders said IN ENGLISH "Hermana Cooook you look like an investigator".  Ouch.  Yep, definately not reaching my goals!  The members dont trust me and I doub thte investigators do.  I´ve been praying and fasting and working for a miracle... fo the gift of tongues.  Where is it??  I know  I know... its on the Lord´s time.  But I am doing everything I am supposed to do!  I am waking up a whole hour early to study and I´m obedient.. I´m praying and fasting and studying the language and the scriptures... It´s just so frustrating feeling like I can´t do a thing.  Most the time I feel quite useless..
This morning I had another breakdown... I just wish I was the missionary I was planning on being!!  I truly need to work on patience and faith.  I can do this!!

Oh also, today we played soccer with all latinos.  I´ve never played a game of soccer in my life...... just picture that for a while. :)

Couple more noticings of costa Rica:
There are a few smells that are normal around here.  It always either smells like algea and dead fish, rotten milk, or poop.  Quite Lovely!
All the people here, well the men because we don´t kiss them, do the high five knuckles thing and ALL the kids do handshakes with us.
Their biggest bills I´ve had have sloths on them!!! I haven´t seen a real one though.  I guess they are just in Guanacaste. 
Instead of knocking on doors you go to the gate and yell "Hupe! Buenas"

Everyone says "Ensario??" and "Que bonita" or "Que linda" about EVERYTHING
Theres a ton of fruit stands on the sides of the road!  But they all smell rotten and the bananas are black.....
Much more to come next week!!  Cross your fingures that I can get pictures to work!! Love you all!! THanks for all you do fo rme... this is incredibly hard but I know it will all be okay!!

Semana Seis: First Week in Costa Rica!

Wow, it´s been a week and a half since the last email!!!! For sake of time... and because I have a bad memory.. I am barely saying anything about my last few days at the MTC.  Also, just a heads up... This keyboard is psycho and I don´t know how to do smiley faces or questions marks Ñ= that´s a smiley face!

Okay.  So MTC... our last sunday there we got to be in the Mission Conference!! The president of the MTC came and met with me and my two comps and asked us to participate and answer questions in front of over two thousand missionaries plus the branch presidencies and their wives so ya know.  Pretty big deal. It was fun!

We woke up at 1 am to pack and clean and then headed to the airport!! It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nice to talk to you all on the phone!!! My goodness I miss you more than words.  It´s rough.

Then we got to Costa Rica around 8 and met Presiden Wilkinson and His Family!! They are AMAZING!  Our first stop was the temple.  We talked for a good hour or more about our purpose and our mission standards.  We are ALL about Baptizing and Retaining, having no fear, and talking to EVERYONE.  Then we had my first Costa Rican meal..... Wendy´s haha.  Then we slept at the house of two sisters in the area.. both latinas.  As soon as I found out one of the new sisters was going to be with them I know it would be me.......  We got to sleep at 11 then woke up with the sun at FIVE the next morning.  Went straight to the Mission office to have interviews and fill out papers.  Finally at about 230 I went out on divisions with Hermana Davidson who I met on Facebook!!!! I´m attaching a pic.. she has the short hair.  It was amazing!!  I worked ahrd to not be afraid and just talk and learn.  The people here are incredible.  All I had to do was say ¨It´s my first day and I don´t know spanish¨and they´d say ¨Oooooooh no importa no importa!!!¨ and hug me and kiss me.  I love them!


We got our trainers!!! How did I know it.... I´m with the two latinas.  The Lord must love to put me in trios haha.  And He must have known how much help my Spanish needed!! I´m with two latinas and I never know what´s going on.  Hermana Pizza and Hermana Betancourt.  Hmna Pizza is from Columbia and speaks a little English, Hna Betancourt is from Mexico and speaks no English.  It´s all good though, I will learn SO much from being iwth them!  When we got to the house they had made me a ¨Bienvenida a la mision!¨poster.  So sweet!  They are really nice and I think they´re funny... but I can´t really understand what they are saying.... Ñ=

Today we woke up at five and went to the office then to President´s for breakfast then got our trainers and then we were off!  I pretty much didn´t know what was going on the whole time so that was extremely overwhelming... I cried in the street Ñ=  But Esta bien.  Also I literally fell asleep in a lesson....

I am blessed to have these trainers!! They are amazing and literally talk to EVERY SINGLE person on the street!!


There is zero time for journal writing or sleeping or anything so I´m trying my best to remember what happened...thursday was extremely har.  We went to the park and talked to every single person.  It was good, but ya know hard.  That´s all I remember... I´ll try to do better at writing what happens!!


Goodness gracious it is getting harder and harder.  I always feel on the verge of tears.  I´m constantly fighting them back.  I can not understand a single word of the language.  I never know what´s going on.  All day I am just faking that I understand, even to my companions.  It feels like I am hindering the work.  Like my being here is a burden on my companions and I´m just slowing them down and sitting silently and awkwardly until it´s my turn to share my testimony.  Today Hmna Pizza kept whipspering to me to share a scripture so I would... but I had no idea what the scripture meant and so I couldnt´say anything after... ugh it was just awful.  It feels IMPOSSIBLE and I am CONSTANTLY pleading for the Lord´s help.  The people here are amazing though... they are always patient with me.  I just feel dumb.  


I didn´t cry today!! Wahoo!!  Oh, yesterday we had lunch with our cook and just in that one visit I got ten mosquito bites on my feet.  Gross.  She gave us this nasty fish and it took everything in me just to swallow it.  Hmna Betancourt had to run to the bathroom to throw it up and was sick all day!! Eekers.

Our usual day goes like this..  Wake up at 530, exercise, shower, get ready, 700 personal study 800 comp study, 900 language study, 1000 12 weeks study, 1100 more language study.  As you can see we wake up an hour early for MORE language study.  It aint helpin much but I´m a´prayin.  Then 1200 we leave for lunch at our cook´s house.. Her name is Mary Jane and she is the Young Womens pres in the ward.  That´s where I´m attacked by bugs and I choke down nasty food.  It´s awesome.  Then we go to work and usually have 4 to 7 lessons.  I usually sit silently completely lost until I bear my testimony.  Most our time it seems is spent walking or on the bus.  It´s worth it though because we... well my comps.. talk to EVERYONE.  LPE is a thirty second thing where we share a principle and get numbers and references.  It´s our finding tool and works awesomely because all the people here want to talk to you.  i can´t wait until I know Spanish!!!

Today I got to listen to my ipod for the first time!! I LOVE the music! Thank you so so much!!!  I miss you so much... Goodness there is such a culture shock here...


Okay hardest day ever.  I cried a lot.  Ñ=  Actually there was just a couple times where I actually let tears out.  But I sure teared up about fifty billion times!  I can´t even begin to explain how much harder this is than the MTC.  But I am also remembering that the MTC was hard until after one week... maybe it will be the same here! Ñ=  I can only pray...

It is just so hard not understanding a word.  In the morning we left several hours early and I had no idea because I never know what is happening.  I just walk around confused.  Well today was church. I´ve had this goal to get to know every member... that was IMPOSSIBLE!  I can´t understand them at all...  In Sunday School the teacher kept calling on me to answer all the questions and I had NO idea what he was saying.  Then we went to a family´s house for lunch and there were ten people sitting around me laughing and having a great time.  I was so lost.  For nearly three hours.  Goodness gracious I feel so alone here most the time!! Sunday especially...  There is not one thing that is comfortable.. not even my bed!! I miss the comforts of my CLEAN house and my own language and my AMAZING family.  I miss you more than words can express.  It was rough all day... later it was my turn to bear testimony to an investigator named Jesus who received the Holy Ghos today.  I fuond myself testifying that because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we are NEVER ALONE.. that He knows how we feel... when we are sitting in a room full of people and can´t understand word and feel completely alone... We aren´t!  He knows how I feel and is with me.  IT was such a tender mercy to have the spirit testify to me of this as I testified of it to Jesus.  The Lord truly knows me and knows what I need.  I plead with Him every day that I can learn the language!!!

Some notes on Costa Rica...

Dogs.  EVERYWHERE!!  They are friendly.. but I never touch them.  I´m pretty sure they are disease filled.  They poop EVERYWHERE and it is almost impossible not to step in it.  In the mornings they do this awful thing where all the dogs in the whole city howl so it sounds like every baby was taken from every mother in Costa Rica... or like all the souls on their way to you know where... It´s horrifying.  

Also sometimes in the morning I wake up early because of this REALLY loud megaphone sound that soudns like the SWAT team surrounding your house... but mixed with some Arabic prayer song... It´s really just the egg van selling the eggs for the morning.

The sidewalks are the bumpiest most uneven things I´ve ever seen.  Not bike friendly or really walker friendly either.  I trip on the daily.  The roads are DANGEROUS.  It´s like there aren´t any rules at all.  I don´t understand.  I amost get hit by at least one bus a day.  

The bus system is wacky.  Sometimes my comps just stop on the side of the road and a bus appears.  I don´t get it.

Sometimes there are GIANT sewage holes in the sidewalk.  And I mean huge.  Taller and wider than me.  And there´s no cover so I might die... if the fall doesn´t kill me the bacteria will.

The sides of the roads..the gutters... are HUGE ditches.  You have to jump to get across.  Sometimes they have little bridges for you.  I figured out why when it rained and the large rivers formed...

The living conditions are pretty nasty.  Bugs and ants and flies and dirt and grime.. Things falling apart.. blech.

Some of the houses are actually kind of nice!! And then the house right next to it is like a shack.  That´s how our house is.. I took a pic for you.  Every house is surrounded by a gate.. and inside are at least 3 houses.  In the picture you see the gate and the house in front of ours that is actually really nice!! And then in the other pic is the shack that is literally just tin.  All the houses have like one nice item... like a flat screen tv.... and a nice shiny car... then cinderblock walls and tin roofs... it´s weird.

Oh, I live in Gravilias.  It´s in the San Jose region so it´s actually not hot!! In the afternoons it gets warm... but not hot.  It rains everyday.. but not like in the other areas.  We have less bugs here too.  which is weird cuz there´s more than I´ve ever seen.  We work in Dos Cercas, Porvenir, Jardin, and Gravilias.. which I finally figured out are just neighborhoods.  

Everyone kisses on the cheek here.  EVERYONE.  It´s a country full of love!!  

Okay more to come about the strange things of Costa Rica next week...... I love you all.  prayers would be appreciated Ñ=  I´m grateful for all the prayers you are offering for me and for your faith and support!!! This is rough but I have no doubt that it will get better after the first week.  The people here are so incredible it makes it all worth it.  They are all so willing and loving.  I think we have 15 progressing investigators right now.. that could be wrong because ya know.. I can´t understand haha but its amazing.  I should have two baptisms this week!!! This work is amazing.  Hard, but amazing.  The church is true!!! Don´t be afraid to open your mouths!!! At least you all can speak the language of the country you´re in! Ñ= Just open your mouths and bring people unto Christ.  This is the one and only true church and I testify of that in the name of Jesus Christ.

I LOVE YOU MORE THAN WORDS!!!!!!!!!! thank you for all you do

Hermana Cook

Semana Cinco: Last P-day in America


SO MUCH TO SAY AND SO LITTLE TIME!! First of all I love you.  All of you!!  


This was when all the new sisters and elders came!  8 new sisters!!  It was so fun.  They are so cute and I love being a leader.  After Dinner I got a letter from Kels and JD and Melanie.  I felt so bad because she said, "we are weriting a short email because we want this to get to you by pday tomorrow" aaaaand I didn't get it in time to write back.  But I'll write you this week for sure sis!


Man I don't think this whole mission thing can ever get old :)  Everyday is exactly the same... yet SO different!  I love it and am so grateful to be part of this work. 

When we started the day we realized that we had EIGHT lessons today!!! That's more than we've ever had!  I'm sure it's more in the field... well I don't know.  But during PSC I just knew we didn't have enough time to prepare for all of them- especially since 2 of them were DURING PSC!  So we had even less time!  As I started studying... I desperately prayed to Father in Heaven that He would guide my study to somehow prepare us for all the lessons we had!!

First we taught Hely and she brought her husband Jose!  They were fifteen minutes late and talk a TON so we only had 5 min to share a quick message with them.  They are so sweet.

Then we taught Mercedes- turns out her full name is Nayeli Mercedes.  It was an AMAZING lesson.  We taught the gospel then re committed to baptism and she cried as she shared with us how she has gained a testimony and even prays about little things like for her phone to work.  She said she wants to be baptized but doesn't know how her family will react so she wants to talk to her mom first.  I promised her that she can pray to have her Mom's heart softened and she cried and thanked us.  We have NO idea if she is one of the real investigators (cuz there are a few!)  But she sure seems like it!  I love her!

Then we played volleyball with the new zone and ate Lunch with them.  

Then class with Hmno Bliler and we taught Jaime.  It was difficult but didn't go poorly.

Then Jose Luis- the first thing he asked was why Adam and Eve's fall was part of kthe plan.  We tried to explain how they needed to be able to experience opposition to have joy and progress and how they couldn't have children- and then he interrupted and said, "That's the part I don't get.  Why couldn't they have kids?"  ... ha.  So we TRIED in our poor espanol to explain how they were in a state of innocence and were like children themselves... haha he just kept saying "si pero.... porque?!?"  haha it was funny...

Then we thought we were teaching Alejandro, but I think he is gone for good!

Then Dinner an dClass with Hmna Boza.  We taught each other one on one acting as investigators to know how it feels.  

Then we had TRC where we taught Hermana Laticia who is a member of the church IN MEXICO VIA SKYPE!! It was awesome!! And un poco awkward :)

Then Hmna Boza told us the real story of Luisa.  Apparently she is a 65 year old women Hmna Boza taught on HER mission.  All Hmna Boza and her comp did was be her friend and take her to ice cream every week.  jThen suddenly she said she'd read the Book of Mormon and wanted to be baptized!!  Sometiemes all it takes is to be a friend... follow the spirit!! Which reminds me.  COLLETTE.  Sometimes during the week I have a thought of somehting I should tell y'all.  This week I kept thinking about that girl the missionaries committed you to become friends with.... HAVE YOU DONE IT?!?!  Get on it!! :)  I challenge you to just become her friend!! Invite her to 7 peaks or to watch a movie or to play with your bunny.  Just be her frined!!!  I love you sis.  I know you can be a missionary too!!!  Also, I'm going to attach some pics of Hmna Boza... EVERY lesson she teaches, she spends like twenty minutes of class drawing this elaborate thing on the board.  It's hilarious.  

So we ended up teaching only 6 lessons... but I tell you.  The church is true and the spirit works!! And I'm STARTING to recognize it better... little by little!!


Oh I forgot!! Yesterday, we were teaching Jose Luis about repentance and explained that we need to repent for the little things too- every day really!  Then we committed him to repent and he said, "Yes but... I just go to work all day then come home and go to bed so I don't really do anything.."  So I told him, "Well our days we spend studying the gospel for six hours an teaching others for the rest of the day and we still repent CADA dia!!" And he was like, "What really?? Well you sisters are 'angelitas' so if you have to repent I must too!!"  Haha it was so sweet.  When ever he prays he ALWAYS asks Heavenly Father to bless the 'hermanitas'.  Adding 'ita' is a term of endearment so basically he calls us dear little sisters all the time... and little angels!! So sweet.

Okay first today... our last day of service!!!!  Then class with Hmnos Meek and Bliler.  While the other compships were teaching Jaime (Bliler)  We would each go back one on one with Hmno Meek to discuss our goals and how we are feeling.  I don't know if y'all know this about me but I have a disease where whenever someone sincerely asks how I'm doing... I break into tears.  Haha even when I'm fine!!!  And I was extra tired today because of service... anyway.  So I go back and suddenly I felt like crying.  He said, "The only reason we are here is to answer one question:  How are you doing???"  I said Bien- Choking back tears- and he made a funny joke about how that's all he needed and stood up to leave :)  ha.  So anyways he asked if I had any questions or worries.  And seriously fighting the tears, I told hi m about how I REALLY felt like I don't know the scriptures enough.  I want to be that missionary who can flip exactly to a scripture right when i need it!!  So I asked for suggestions and we talked about it a while.  THen I said I had two more.  1.  I am struggling still to recognize the spirit telling me what to study, teach, and say.  He promised me that as long as I am obedient and TRYING to have the spirit and follow Him, I WILL be guided in the things I do whether I realize it's the spirit or not.  He also said that when we are obedient and doing what we are supposed to, the Lord doens't have to direct us in every single thing we do!! He can trust us to make our own decisions to do His work.  That was comforting.  Then I said that 2.  The closer it gets to being time to leave... the more nervous I feel about the languagE!  I feel way behind.  Aaaand at this point the tears came haha.  I'd almost made it.  He promised that I will be fine and it will be hard but that It'll come.  He said I'm better off that he was in the MTC (doubt it) and that he has ZERO worries about me.  So nice.  Then he said that I am an example for the whooole district- that my dilignece and humilty and willingness to learn more was incredible.  It was SO nice!  Of course I cried.  I love my teacdhers.  I just feel like I can do so much better and am too behind.  But that night it was in a discouraging way.  Which means SATANAS!!  (haha satan is fun in espanol) There is such a difference in the want to be better from the Lord and the discouraging one from Satan.  I know I can be better through the Lord and He will bless me for my efforts!!

Then we taught Jaime.  GYm .  Lunch.  Class with Hmna Boza.  Of course I loved that.  Then we taught our LAST lesson with Jose Luis!!  We committed HIm to baptism and said goodbye :(  He said, "Noooo but you Hermanitas are so funny!"  And I said, "Why because we are so bad at Spanish!??" haha it was funny.  I'll miss him!

Then dinner- I got a Dear Elder from DADDy and a package from KELS AND JD!!  of bran muffins and pictures of their trip!! SO NICE!  I lov emy family soooo much.  

Then PSC.  Love it!! I think I got a scripture marking system down.  Fingers crossed it works!

ALSO!!! I got my travel Itineraries today!!!! I sent a picture so hopefully that works... but if not...

American Airlines Flight 50 from SLC to Dallas Ftworth TX 8:25-12 on Jul 7
American Airlines Flight 971 from Dallas to San Jose 4:10-7:10 Jul 7..

Then I have a flight scheduled from San Jose to Atlanta Georgia on Delta Airlines on October 7..... so... apparently I'm being reassigned... ;) (I later found out that we have to do that because we are entering as travellers and will receive our visas there)

So DAD, figure out the correct times for those flights for Utah time... because I'LL BE CALLING HOME!!!  I have a huge long layover so I might just call then... but I MIGHT call in the morning!! Or BOTH!! Just being around the phone all day.  Dear Elder me pronto and tell me which phone to call!! And make sure you answer!! :) :) And tell the rest of the fam to be over there all day- at least for the layover.. so I can say I to everyone!! YAY!!!!


It was a day like any other.  Class with Hmna Boza- love.  PSC- love.  Class with Hmnos Meek and Boza- love.  No mail- don't love.  And Hmnas Kugath and Bratt singing loudly offkey while I studies and during class- don't love haha.  But I DO love my sweet companions.  Even when they bug me.. I see the worth of their souls in the eyes of God!!!  I think theres a good reason we are only together for 6 weeks.  I have learned a LOT from being with them and I do love them!


Oh my.  What an Amazing day.  I took so many notes but I don't have time to tell you about all of them!!! I'm going to try to write them in a letter because they were all so good!!  Filled with spiritual experineces.  

First, Branch council meeting.  Awesome discussion of the spirit!  
Then We taught District meeting on Baptism.  Went well!! But none of the Elders are ever keen on participating :)  Then I taught a 15 min lesson on Conducting music.  It was so fun!! I love teaching and know I want to do something with that when I "grow up!"
Then Music and the Spoken word- Independence day Special!  I love music soooooo much.  I can't wait to get to listen to it in the field!! Hey if "Distant Land" or "Savior Redeemer of my soul" happen to be on my Ipod I wouldn't be upset ;)
Then Relief Society.  WOW such a great meeitng.  Sister NEil something spoke from the general RS board or something and I took great notes I'll send!
Then Sacrament Meeting... guess what... I got called on to speak!!! I gave a whole talk IN SPANISH!! :)  They said it was very well done!  Then greeeeeat talk by Pres Shallenberger.  Again... I'll write notes for you.
Then Leadership meeting
Choir- but not. Because My comps are never to keen on going to choir.  So I never got to do it :( also apparently there was an auditioned choir on main campus for the mission president's seminar!!  They don't tell us anything way over here on the west side haha.  They probably got to sing for the prophet!!
Then devo... SO GOOD!! Brother Stephen B Allen.  He used all the old Homefront Videos and tied all the taglines to missionary work.  Will send notes :) 
Sunday Film- the Gift of tEaching by Elder Holland.  Of course so good once again.  You should all go watch that one.  It's for all teachers in the church!

I love sundays.  I am ALWAYS spiritually fed and edified and uplifted.  The church is true!!


I am just in love with studying the scriptures.  There is never enough time!! The more I study them the more I love them and want to have them with me everywhere
That's what I did first- PSC. When we were walking to do TALL we saw Jose Luis- but GUESS WHAT!??! HE IS ACTUALLY A TEACHER HERE!  Wow.  DIdn't see that one comin'.

Then class with Hmno Bliler.  We practiced weekly planning and set goals for our LAST WEEK HERE!! One of them is to speak in ESPANOL (HSI) EVERY SECOND OF THE WHOLE WEEK!! It's dificil.  In class, we ONLY talk in Espanol and for EVERY english word we say, we have to do three push ups!! I just finished my thirty for the day... I'll never speak in English again!!

Then class with Hmno Meek and Hmna Boza.  We always tease them because we thing they'll get married :)  We are silly immature high school girls... someday I'll grow up I swear....

We had a really nice time of almost an hour when we just got to chat wiht Hmna Boza.  She said she has really noticed how strong our companionship is and we each shared what we've learned from each other.  Then she told us about how she ended up in America and how her life in Peru is and what her plans are- she is seriously AWESOME and I LOVE her and look up to her mucho. 

We also taught ALEJANDRO again!! I am SOOOO grateful for our teachers.  They do SO MUCH for us and are CONSTANT examples.  I honestly truly love every single one!!! I'll miss them!!

Today I got a postcard from Aunt Linda and Uncle Joe... A letter from Katelin!!!!!!... and a letter from Grama with some extra cash.. SO NICE!! i'M SOGRATEFUL!!


PACKAGE!! Mama sent caramel corn for pday eve celebration- you always pull through Mommy! :) And extra make-up I asked for.  With a little note from her and a detailed account from Kenn of her EFY experience!! I CANNOT believe she is old!!  I also got a Dear Elder from Hailey Kearl- my old roommate!!  AND a Dear Elder from MOM!  I've never gotten one from her before and now I know why.... apparently she has sent SEVERAL to Costa Rica!!! Hahahaha you're a Hoot mom.  I love you.  And I'm so glad I'll have letters waiting for me in el campo!!

Wow what a great day!!  PSC in the morning.  Then Main Campus for a follow up appt for Hmna Kugath.  We ate lunch there too!!!  It was fun.  THen class with Bliler until Dinner.  I love him!  We taught Jaime- turns out the story of Jaime is actually Hmno Bliler's brother!  It's weird to go from teaching 8 lessons in one day to 1- if any!!  BUt I'm kind of glad because I fell like I have sooo much studying and prep to do for the field in FIVE DAYS!!  Wowza.

Then Devotional.  Man Devo is always so goo.d  It was a former 70- Lowell M Snow.  He talked on becoming a disciple of Christ.  LOVED it! Again... I'll wrte you some notes :)  

PDAY eve celebration with the NEW SISTERS!!  

Last PDAY today!!!!!  I CANNOT believe it!! I love this gospel and I am soo grateful for the opportunity to serve.  I am SO BLESSED!!  I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE my family and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the Lord!!!!

Also I see cousin Emily every sunday in Music and the Spoken word and she is beautiful!

And The temple is closed so that's too bad.

OKAY i LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! SEE YOU SOON! I love Costa Rica!!! (PS WE ARE ROCKIN' THE WORLD CUP i HEAR) love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hermana Boza drawing her pictures on the board.

Treat bags for new Hermanas.

Hermana Boza drawing her pictures on the board.

Our district - the other Elders.

Hermana Boza drawing her pictures on the board.

Hermana Boza drawing her pictures on the board.

Hermana Boza's drawings.

Hermana Boza's drawings.

Hermana Bratt with a beard.

Matching Costa Rica shirts.

Spanish is hard!

Thanks Kels for the bran muffins.

Waiting for the bus.

Aunt Mary and Uncle Stan on the wall at Main Campus.

New sisters celebrating P-day Eve with us.

Ran into the Vostis as they dropped Dallin off. (Lauren)

Semana Cuatro: One Month Down and Loving It

My goodness gracious I've made it a whooooole Month!!!!! Just a quick reminder to all the people in the world.... I leave a week from Monday.... which means there's about a week left to easily send me packages and mail :)  



Lesson with Mercedes but she didn't show.  So monday :)
Studied mucho- I love the scriptures!
Then we ran into Hely- Jose's wife.  She told us she has lots of questions but is uncomfortable with having all six of us teach her.  So we decided the hermanas will take Hely and the Elders will teach Jose.  But we really think it is important to teach them together so we will see.

Then class with Hmno Bliler- he is finally back!  He reminded us that next week, 2 new districts are coming which means WE have to be the ejemplos!!!  We need to be MORE focused, MORE diligent in our study and Spanish-usage, MORE obedient, MORE everything!

Then he introduced a new investigator which is really him.  He is a less active

Then we taught Jose Luis.  I love him!  We taught about the Book of Mormon and receiving answers to prayers.  He seems so interested so ready and PLUS he is having his wife read with him!

Then we had TRC and taught two Memebers.  They were SO sweet!  One was from Venezuela and talked SO fast I almost died.  Literally.  But I do feel like I got enought that I could SURVIVE if I went out now.  But I'll take the 2.5 more weeks.

Then class with Hna Boza and Hmno Pemberton.  Great always :)  

Then Hmno Thoreson (CR teacher) and Hno Avila (a teacher who reminds me SOOOO much of Tyson) taught us about Doctrines/Principles/and Applications.  They explained it SO well and how they all fit together and understanding the Doctrine and the why is what makes the rest of it make sense... I wish I could explain it all but it was just so good.

Each district has 3 teachers... because 2 districts just left, there are 6 teachers always just walking around that come and teach us randomly.  It's actually AWESOME because each does things a little differently and there are SO many things I can learn from each of them!!!  I love to learn and love to share what I learn! I love being a missionary!


Service at 6... great as always :) :) :)

Then class with Hmno Bliler.  We taught Jaime then learned the diff between por and para.  Which I still don't really get.  Then we had to leave to catch the bus to Main Campus for Hmna Kugath's Doc Appt (I'm the only comp that hasn't had one now!  Aren't you proud??)  I studied while she was in and then we went to the Main Campus Cafeteria for lunch.  It was AMAZING!  I never knew how much we were missing in our little trailer cafeteria on West Campus.  No wonder people gain weight.  I saw Clair's old friend Chase there.  I also saw a sister from high school- I think it was Courtney Keim!  I also saw Powell Dubois from elementary school the other day, and a sister from music classes at BYU-I: Lauren Affleck.  And Regan Hansen from elementary school is at West Campus too!! Oh and I saw Bree Anderson from Elemenetary school the other day too!! And there is a sister here- Paige Beckstrom- that went to my high school.  And I met two elders that graduated with me and I didn't even know them! :)  

So after the ADventure on Main Campus we still had two hours before class.  I went home, very determined to study and use my time wisely while my companions slept... and then suddenly I opened my eyes and thirty minutes had passes!!! Eeks.  Woops :)  Won't happen again!!

Then class with Hna Boza.  I just cannot say enough how much I LOVE her.  She is such an amazing teacher and woman!  I love her.  She helped us learn and practice teaching to answer specific questions.  Then we had to leave for TRC to teach Jose Luis!  It went well! We taught the Plan of Salvation and he had LOTS of questions.  Will answer next time.  Our lesson went ten min over so we went back to class and Hna Boza had us teach again using the scriptures.  Then she showed us her study journal from her mission.  It's AMAZING!  She went through every verse of the Book of Mormon and wrote down her favorite phrases.  Then at the bottom she wrote what it means for her and then she used sticky notes to write how it connects to teachings in PMG.  She said when she was at the Chile MTC, a friend of Bruce R McConkie came to speak to her.  He told about when Bruce R McConkie showed him his study journal... he went through and literally wrote out the whole Book of Mormon word for word!!  He said he wanted to KNOW and be FAMILIAR with every single verse.  By the end, his testimony of the Book of Mormon had grown tremendously!!  I want to do this!!  And combine it with Hmna Boza's method by applying them to me and my investigators.  I want to KNOW the scriptures!!! Her teahcing went twenty min past dinner... I didn't care because we were learning AWESOME stuff!! But Hmna K was grumpy and whiney about it... Having companions humbles me to know how to change, but it also very clearly let's me see what I do NOT want to be.  Hmna K has MANY amazing strenghts that I don't have and want to develop.  But I also know now how important my attitude is and to not be so quick to be frustrated and annoyed..

After dinner was PSC and I loved it!! For once we weren't interrupted by an extra lesson so we got all three hours!!  For personal, I studied Mosiah 4 looking for the Answer to "What made the people want to be baptized."  I used the Hmna Boza method adapted to my own way and it took me the whole time for only 11 verses!!  I felt so edified-  I love the scriptures!!


Wow I love my mission!! I do!  I love it.  

Started the day with class with Hmna Boza and first taught Luisa.  It wasn't bad, I think she FINALLY understands the need to pray and read with real desire and intent!! Then gym and study time!! It was AWESOME!! I LOVE studying and learning more!! I really organized my time well and actually planned exactly what to do.  It was awesome.  

Then class with Hmna Bliler.  We learned that we need to act as investigators so we can understand how it feels and improve our teaching.  I love it.  No time to teach Jaime because we asked too many questions.  Also apparently Alejandro isn't coming back as an investigator.  :(  It's actually really sad!

Made a goal today to speak HSI always!! (oh.  That means that you always speak spanish and if you don't know a word you look it up)


Oh man I LOVE SUNDAYS!!! Always!! It's the best part of the mission in the MTC.   I can always plan on having my spirit fed and uplifted enough to go on with the work.  Always!!!

We started with District Meeting and the Elders taught a great lesson on faith.  IT's interesting that ALL our meetings' themes (sacrament, district, branch meetings)  are always the five principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ- because THAT is what we are teaching! Because THAT is what matters!!!  Study those five principles and practice them and you'll be fine!!

Then we went to Music and the Spoken Word.  I always LOVE this.  The spirit is so strong through music.  I just felt so blessed for the world we live in!! For the beauty of the Earth, the gospel, the plan, everything!!!  I am SO blessed!!

Then Relief Society.  Several sisters spoke, and one talked about how REAL Miracles are!! But she said they don't come wrapped in a pretty box.  They require PRAYER nad STUDY but they DO COME and are real!!! I can receive the gift of tongues!!! As a missionary I am qualified for and entitled to spiritual gifts!!!

Then Sacrament Meeting.  Last week we were called as greeters so we did that today and I also led the music.  Then had great lessons on fatih and how primary songs teach so many truths.  And making a commitment to be 100 percent for the Lord.  and the power to become!!  We were called to be SISTER TRAINING LEADERS... Which makes sense because we are the only sisters left... :)  And found out that on Wednesday we get EIGHT new Hermanas!! How awesome is that?!?!  I was also called to  be the new music chairperson.  Shocker.  ;)

So then we got to go to the Branch leadership meeting and we talked a lot about the qualities of a leader.

Then comp inv. where we set goals to be bien ejemplos for the newbies!!  Our comp-ship is doing SO well!!

Then The New Sister Training Leader Meeting.  We learned so much!!! I took many notes, but to sum it up I learned that we need to EMULATE THE SAVIOR IN ALL WE DO!  In our leadership, in our work, in our lives!!  "We do always those things that please Him."  Motto right there.

Then we quickly said good-bye to District C So now we are officially the only district for a few days :)  And then headed to Devo.

THE PROPHET AND THE TWELVE ARE TOTALLY ON MAIN CAMPUS!!!  Security is way tight and it's the Mission President Seminar!! Fingers Crossed for Tuesday... :) 

Today's speaker was Sister Janice Kapp Perry!!! It was AWESOME!!!  I realized again the strength of the spirit in music and the truths taught in primary songs.  We sang a lot of songs, it was awesome!!!  She and her husband were so cute.  She told the story of how they met.. and in short... She was sucking on her clarinet reed and he nudged her and said, "I just think those lips could be used for more than sucking on a clarinet."  And then the MTC went WILD and he stood up and planted a greeaaaaaaat big one on her :)  Imagine a huge group of missionaries fresh out of high school.  Yes that's exactly how it was.  ;)  She also said that teaching in the home with HYMNS and PRIMARY SONGS does more than anything else to bring the spirit and teach truths!!!  She also talked about the importance of WRITING A FAMILY SONG!!! And then showed us their family's.  Okay fam.  Get going!!!! She said to make sure the children help and are involved so.   Go ahead.  Write us a song :)

Then we watched the Sunday Film.  It was The Joseph Smith movie this time!!  I love this movie.  The spirit was so strong!!  I just kept thinking... Joseph and the early saints endured SO much to restore this gospel.  I can endure the little hardships I face to help share it with the world.  For this is HIS work!! EVERY soul is great in the eyes of God!! Shall we not go on for so great a cause??

This church is TRUE!!  I am honored and grateful to be a part of the work.


wOW WHAT AN amazing day!!!   Wow, it was good!!!  First we had PSC and taught MErcedes.  We talked about the plan of salvation at last.  The spirit was so strong!  We invited her to baptism again and she was much more open about it!!

Then gym.. lunhc.. and back to class and I got a SPECIAL phone call on the class cell phone!! They said  my UNCLE was here for the New Mission President Seminar and had some down time and wanted to see me!! YAY!! So we had a great class with Hmno Bliler, TRC with Jose Luis where we retaught POS and answered questions and extended the baptismal invitation... then dinner and class with Hmna Boza.  We taught Luisa aaaaaaand extended the Baptismal invitation!!! Oh wait- maybe we didn't invite Mercedes... no I don't think we did... man it get's confusing.  :)  

Then we got to leave so I could go meet with UNCLE STAN AND AUNT MARY!!!  It was seriously SUCH a highlight.  So nice to see someone I know and love and admire that loves ME and just have them hug me and tell me they love me and hug me for my mom and deliver a package from my sweet parents.  So nice.  Aunt Mary probably hugged me 20 times haha.  I was SO grateful.!! Before they left, Uncle Stand told me that in all our huge family, there isn't a prayer offered tha tI'm not included in.  I just cried as I thanked them.  I can truly feel the prayers and I am SO incredibly grateful because I need them!!! I am so grateful to have seen them.  They also told us that the speaker at Devotional tomorrow is ELDER HOLLAND!!!!!!! So THAT will be incredible!!!!!!!  I love my family and the examples they all are to me.

Then we went back to class and two of my comps taught Elder Rodriguez and I taught Hmno Thoreson (CR) by MYSELf!!!!  I went back to a lot of my old (as in 3 weeks old) ways and talked a LOT and sounded rehearsed.  Afterwards he gave feedback and said that I taught REALLY well and REALLY clearly, but didn't ask enough quesitons to get to know him or his needs or personalize the message.  But my teaching was REALLY good.  So I learned two things:  1.  I am doing so well!! I taught the whole first lesson in espanol completely alone!! Clearly!! So my investigator could understand!! In only a short time limit!! Buuuuut also that 2.  I need my companions!!  The issue of asking questions has been all of our downfall and together we have worked really well to overcome it.  But wihtout them, I went right back to my old ways!!

I am so grateful for all I get to learn here.  I am so humbled every single day.  I learn so much and there's always more to imporove on!!  I'm sooo blessed- it was such a blessing to see Aunt Mary and Uncle Stan!! I love my family.  I love my mission.  I love the gospel.  And I love the Lord!!


Another AMAZING DAY!!!!  

Bfast, PSC, taught Hely, more PSC, gym, lunch, class with Hmno Bliler AND Hmno MEEK!! He smells like Dad.  Then we had to end class early to go to Devo because everything is different with the New Mission President's seminar so almost all the apostles are here too!!!  So Devo was at 4:30.. Uncle Stan told us it was ELDER HOLLAND!!! It wasn't. :) But it WAS Elder D. Todd Christofferson!! He gave a great talk on the worth of souls.  He said to act in full appreciation of EVERY soul you meet.  There are no ordinary people.  You've never talked to a mere mortal in all your life.  Every person is a potential God or Goddess and EVERY soul has that worth to God.  He also said "Your faith in God can only be matched by His faith in you!!!"  Incredible!

Then we had a whole TWO HOURS for Devo REview.  So first we reviewed the Devo with Bro and sis Dowdle.  Side note- their old stake president is here because he has been called to be the new mission pres in FINLAND HELSINKI!! Leslie's mission!! They said he is a great man.  Then they left and Pres Shallenberger came.  It was just our district because we are all that's left.  He did this really special exercise helping us write our vision for our mission and goals.  It was AMAZING!! Dare I say.... better than devo?? :) Truth is they went hand in hand.  We really realized our worth and our potential and that through the Lord... we can reach it!!!  President Shallenberger is amazing.  He worked with President Monson for three years (and told us AAAAAALL kinds of stories that he asked us not to write home because he wasn't sure President Monson wanted the whole world to know about how he got that duck he hunted out of the river........) :)  And has written a book that will come out this fall called the Ten Traits of a Successful something or other... I'll get the real title and send it to you.  He does this exercise in it so you should all read it okay????  I am going to write home and send my Mission Vision and Goals for 2014.  He said he has sent President Monson his yearly goals for 25 YEARS!! AND HE ALWAYS RESPONDS!! Wowee.  It was awesome.

I got a package from Mommy!!!  Mucinex, chapstick, PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and cookies!!! I was SO GRATEFUL!!
Also a package from Courtney!! It was like Christmas!!  She sent Lavender (which is good cuz our apartment stinks) and sugar snap peas (which is good because I eat crappy food)  My comps loved them!!!
Also, dear elders from Grama and Clair!!!  It was a great day and I am sooooooooooo grateful!!!

Random thing that happened today... we were on main campus trying to find some breakfast and accidentally walked into where PRESIDENT BEDNAR was speaking.  No Big Deal.  They stopped us before we ACTUALLY went in though :)

I have said it a million times but I am SO grateful to be a missionary.  It is all worth it and the Lord is blessing me so much!! I hope you are all being blessed too... I pray for you each- each member of the family- individually every night!!! I love you so much and I'm so grateful for all the love and support.  Don't forget... practically ONE MORE WEEK to send PACKAGES and LETTERS!!!  I get my travel info on this friday and leave a week from monday!!! I love you forever and always!! The Church is True!!

Uncle Stan and Aunt Mary got to see me at the Mission President's Seminar!