Semana Trienta y Seis: I think it shall all be well

Hello there family!  It has been another great week en la obra misional!  Presidente Wilkinson is still in Utah.. but there are high hopes that he will return to the mission this weekend!  

Update on Natalia... She is doing GREAT!  She is our new cook (adios health and good weight... hola rice and beans.. everyday..) which was very necessary because she wants us to visit her every every day.  She received a calling this week as the second counselor in the Relief Society!! She is awesome.

Roney... this week Roney received the Aaronic priesthood!  He is working SO much that we can never see him, but is still firm in the changes he has made and is still making changes with his marriage and family.  

Alberto... changed his number and we can never find him!! But he came to church so he still exists!  He received the priesthood a couple weeks ago and has been working with the Elders in our area.

We worked really hard this week.. and in the end... only one investigator came to church :(  so all our baptismal dates fell this week and now it´s looking unlikely that we will have baptisms this month :( :( :(  but the investigator that came to church is great!  She is named Mayela.  We found her through her son.... this muchacho was hauling this 10 meter (or mas) pole for the construction of a house around the streets and almost killed everyone with it it was so long and out of control... so Hermana Ortiz and I offered to help.  We set it on our shoulders... and he let go haha.  So now just imagine two sister missionaries with a huuuuuuuuge long heavy piece of metal walking around haha.  We took it to where he was going and set up an appointment to meet with him.  His name is Rodolfo Jesus.. but everyone calls him Chuchu.  Chuchu is a little harder... He doesn´t think it is necessary to change or be baptized or anything... so he doesn´t come to church or read his assignments or even pray.  But I know that once he realizes his need for the Atonement he will be eager to follow the example of Jesus Christ!  His mom is VERY anxious to see changes in him and for that  she is very willing to listen to us.  She lives across the street from the church so it was easy for her to come.  She is great.  Her baptismal date is for 28th of March.  

With President Cordon we have learned un MONTON de cosas super helpful in planning and using our time wisely.  He gave us many handouts and tools super tuanis that I am gonna take a picture of and send you.. eventually.  According to him, we should have 74 lessons weekly if we are truly consecrated missionaries that understand planning.  We should also have an 8 week plan with someone that will be baptized every single week

Someone just passed on in the internet and we are now calling an ambulance.

Actually they are having a seizure.

Anyway we all tend to baptize only at the end of the month... but people don't just repent the last week of every month... they repent every week!  So why can´t we baptize every week?  So anyway that´s the new goal... I´m gonna do it!

Oh ya.  And on Saturday we did a service project and recorded the english textbooks for the government of Costa Rica.  So now all the students in costa rica will hear my voice saying "Track one.  Listening..."  And then the dialogues.. "daaaad have you seen my cell phone??)  (I got really into and played the part well... they liked my work) :)

And for preparation day our district visited some waterfalls!  They were beautiful!  We had to walk through a river to see them.  Working on the pictures but we will see if it works.

I love you all so much.  I have almost completed 9 months of my mission and I am so ready to give it even more than what I have been doing!  This is the Lord´s work!! He is hastening it and I´ve gotta keep up!! I have so much to give.  I KNOW this church is true and I´ve GOT to share it with every single person!!!

I hope you all feel the urgency of this work.  I hope you are all searching for opportunities to share the gospel and to support the missionaries in your areas.  Feed them!  Offer your home for lessons and family nights.  Offer to give them rides!  Or to drive investigators to church!  Give referrals!  This work is something we canNOT do alone!!!! We are a team!! LETS DO IT!

The man is now coming to.  I think it shall all be well.

I love you all so so sooooo very much. I feel like the mission is like the Plan of Salvation and Right now I am in earth life and will soon be returning to live with my family forever.  :)  

Have a great week will ya?  I don´t think I´ll get the pictures sent... next week!

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