Semana Triente y Nueve: This is the Lord's work

I've got seven minutes to write the biggy!!! Forgive me all!  :)
Divisions in Grecia... I LOVE Grecia... do you remember that I did divisions there last transfer too?  It's beautiful.  And the people are great.  We found 24 new investigators in our three days there!!! Costa Rica is TRULY prepared for the gospel!!!  The Hermanas in that area (who shall remain nameless) have been having lots of problemitas... we told President and ended the divisions with emergency interviews with him... and then yesterday they had emergency changes... it's sad but I hope they can now reach their potential and learn to obey!  :)
FRIDAY... We had leadership counsel with President... last Tuesday I was so afraid for the counsel because our numbers weren't so good... and I wrote in my letter to President to PLEASE not be too mean.  The meeting was AMAZING.  We talked the whole time about how numbers ARE important (there are SEVERAL instances in the Book of Mormon when EXACT numbers are mentioned) but why?? Not for credit.  Not to compare yourselves to others... not for any of that.  But because these are children of God!! Do you think Heavenly Father is interested in the numbers??? YES!! HE is interested in EVERY soul that we bring unto him!!! Then President talked a LOT about pride... the Spirit was extremely strong and made clear to each of us that we need to repent.  It should never be "Nice work Cass! You found 24 nuevos!"... the minute we give an ounce of credit to ourselves... the Spirit leaves us.  This is the LORD'S work.  Everything that happens is thanks to Him.  President said that he doesn't even know how many converts he had.  They aren't his!!!  They are the Lord's baptisms!!! HE knows the names and information but not how many of HIS baptisms.  They aren't his.  I have been repenting a lot.  Something about leadership position makes it really easy to compare... to compete... to want to be better than others... and THAT equals pride.  That equals separations... and "ites"... and out goal is Zion.  Our goal is complete unity.  We have to depend on the Lord.  We have to depend on the spirit.  This is a spiritual work!!! We have to make it so!
On Saturday night my comp and I made gallo pinto and tortillas and brought it to church to feed the elders.  They said it was actually good!  :)  I've already planned Tico night when I get home...... I'm learning how to make everything!!! :)
And my time is up.  On sunday a Polish atheist woman was at church... and as Elder Macias and I speak English... we chatted with her.... and let me just tell you it was the HARDEST "chat" I've had... I am SO grateful to be serving in Costa Rica.............
Okay I love you all SO SO SOSOSOSOSO much!  I hope you all have the greatest week ever!!!!
Herm Cook

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