Semana de Cuarenta: March Miracles

We have been seeing many miracles here in Tejar!  The Lord is guiding us to people that are ready to be baptized.

Baptisms this month:

Marco Chavez.. 13/3... MILAGRO!  This muchacho has gone to church for nine years... is married to a member... but never wanted to be baptized.  We visited him... and gave him a calendar of March and said, ''choose your date'' :)  He chose this Friday!  The Lord really is preparing people.  We just have to open our mouths with boldness and invite them!

Faiker Juleidy....15/3.. Una muchacha de 13 añitos.  We invited her sister Andrea to be baptized and she said, ''Hey!  I wanna be baptized!!'' :)  Seriously... The Lord is preparing people.
Su Hermana.. Naomi..15/3 Naomi is 10 years old and we brought her to mutual with Faiker.  In the bus Faiker said, ''Nao.. why dont you get baptized with me too!'' and Naomi said, ''okay!!'' jaja.  Miracles of the Lord!

Mayela Cruz... 28/3.. remember Mayela?? We helped her son with the huge construction pipe pole thing? Well it turns out her son doesn't want anything with the church... but does want something with me (we've had a lot of those situations in this area.. and even more this month.. it has nothing to do with me or if I'm even pretty... they just want the macha... I think I have to dye my hair.) Mayela has come to church EVERY sunday since we met her.  She's got more than 6 times... she dropped café.... has committed to keep the law of chastity.. everything!  She is progressing very well.

This week we were in charge of mutual.  We had everyone say something they like to do and then used those things to do a little talent show competition.  My team was two muchachas they like to sing... and they are really good!  We sang let it go and did like a mash up of english and spanish.  It was fun!  

Last week we were missing a few LPEs in our goals... so we went to el centro where everyone waits in line for the buses... like 100 personas.. and I stood on a rock and yelled ''BUENAS NOCHES COSTA RICA!!! SOY HERMANA COOK!  SOY GRINGA Y TENGO UN MENSAJE QUE VA A CAMBIAR SU VIDA!!'' :) It was fun.

I fell in a muddy hole in the street this week.

Okay sadly that's all I've got this week :)  All the days blend together.  

OH!  I remember one thing.  Yesterday was the last pday of Elder Ballen.  So we planned a scavenger hunt in the capilla with memories of things he's done in his mission then led him outside and attacked with water balloons.  We've got a very fun district!

Okay.  I think that's all.  This Saturday there is a ward activity and I think I have to sing.  Con mucho gusto.  :)  Okay.  LOVE YÁLL!! Have the greatest week ever!!!

Love, Hermana Cook

This is how close to the airport we are

Marco Chavez at his baptism

Faiker and Naomi

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