Semana Cuarenta y Uno: In the exact moment

Hola todos!!!!! Lots happened this week!! It was a really really great week.... listos????
We were blessed with three baptisms this week!!!! Marco (Marco Antonio Chavez Murillo) was baptized on Friday... it was seriously such a beautiful service.  The spirit was SO strong.  Marco asked me to sing "Let the Holy Spirit Guide" which i did with mucho gusto.  We had a little testimony meeting after the performance of the ordinance.. in which we invited Marco's mom to be baptized too!! She needs to go to church three times or else we'd just get her changed right there and then and do it! :) It was just beautiful... then Sunday Marco was confirmed and Faiker (Faiker Yuleidi Solis Alfaro) and Naomy (Kelyn Naomy Solis Alfaro) were baptized!! That was ALSO  a beautiful meeting.  Faiker and Naomy were actually investigators of the elders... but they weren't progressing with them so they dropped and said we could pass by.  So the elders gave the talks and baptized them.  After the ordinance Faiker wanted to share her testimony.  She talked about how she came to know the elders.. then she yelled, "BUT THEY ABANDONED US!!!" and then talked about us ahaha.  It was funny.  We didn't have much support from the ward.... nao asked me why there were so few people there... I told her only the most important people came.. as in the missionaries and the bishop and the bishops wife... but hey.. are you all supporting the baptisms in our ward???? You should.  They are very important moments in the lives of these people.
Also this week there have been several volcanic eruptions!!! Look up the Volcan Turrialba.  You'll see it.  And all the ash blows in the wind all the way to Alajuela and was in our eyes aaaaall week long.  And everone said we were gonna get cancer.  But It's all good.  Apparently the general public has been in a panic in social media thinking that we are all gonna die... so the Bishop spoke about the emergency plan that the church has for our ward.  Don't worry.. if anything happens... we are prepared!  Maybe I'll get to do a service mission for a while and rebuild houses! :)
And the most triste parte de esta semana.... ok back ground.  Mayela (Cruz) is a type of person that is very very exact with dates... like.. remember how her first baptismal date was for the 28th of March?? And that she has gone to church EVERY Sunday... like 8 times.  Is reading the book of Mormon... completing every commitment... she was so prepared to be baptized before... so we invited her to change her date and she said no! the 28th! Anyway she is like that with our appointments too.  ONLY Tuesday at 3 o clock.  That's when we visit her.  Well.....this friday... I felt that we should visit Mayela.  So my comp agreed and we headed to her house.  She let us in and gave us juice like always... sat down and said, "I'm a little worried... Chu chu (Rodolfo... the muchacho with the huge long construction thing?? remember??) hasn't come home since yesterday." With those words a man came to the door... entered... asked her if she suffers from a Cardiac disease... then announced that her son had been murdered :( apparently he was into drugs and was robbing and was killed :( we were the only ones there with her and she didn't have saldo (you have to buy saldo in order to use your phone instead of paying monthly...) to call her family... so we helped her out... The Lord is seriously aware of His children and sent us to her in the exact moment... well.. two minutes before...she really needed us.  And now.  Well Mayela has moved wto San Jose with her daughter :( She said she could come this saturday to be baptized but it should be from another area.  we are going to talk to president to see.  I've got an interview with him tomorrow so I'll let yall know on Monday (MONDAY!! I am back to writing on mondayS!!)
Cambios were yesterday!! I'm still here in Tejar 1 de Alajuela Costa Rica with my comp Hermana Ortiz.  Elder Ballen went home to Colombia and now Elder Macias is companions with Elder Fisher!! Do you remembera Elder Fisher? He was my first district leader in Gravilias!! And then they changed our districts to Elder Ballen! So all my district leaders are always my zone leaders too.  :)  Anyway.  All is well.  I hope you are all having spiritual experiences every single day. I hope you all know how much I love you.  Seriously.  I always say it but I'll keep saying it every week... we have the BEST family and I am so grateful for each and every one of you!!! Have a great week!!
Love, Hermanita Cook

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