Semana Cuarenta y Dos: You are going to Liberia

I've got loads to tell you!! It was a huge week.

Did I tell you about how President cancelled transfers this month? They were supposed to be Sunday... so Sunday we were watching the phone the whole day..  I kind of felt like I'd have changes but I didn´t want them because I finally had  GREAT relationship with H. Ortiz and I just love those zone leaders of mine.... well nothing happened Sunday.

Monday... one sister in the zone had transfers and Elder Macias got his new comp Elder Fisher.. so we figured that was that with transfers.  I was happy and settled in to 6 weeks more with my favorite friends of the mission...

Tuesday... Today I don't remember much what happened... I do remember that I have been playing ´´jinx me debe una coca´´ with my companion and we bought two cokes... haha. I love her.

Wednesday... Today in the evening we started divisions with the Hermanas from Trinidad.  Hermana Flores and Hermana Jensen.  Hermana Flores came to Tejar with me and Hermana Ortiz went to Trinidad.  We went to a baby shower of a sister here then headed to the Bishop's addiction class with an investigator.. Myron (whom we have to pass to the elders because after the class in the bus he started asking if I have a boyfriend... I said yes... and if we are still writing etc... I said yes.....) :) 

Thursday... Today with Hermana Flores we set a goal to find 15 nuevos and put 8 fechas bautismales.  Elder Fisher didn't believe we could do it so he said he would buy us milkshakes if we did.  So of course we were working very very hard :) We saw MIRACLES.  We had prayed and felt like we should work in Villa Carmelina that day. But after lunch with Natalia we knocked a door by her house.  They let us in and we had 3 nuevos with 3 fechas!! We asked referencias and she said she wanted us to visit her mom and three sisters that live in... guess... VILLA CARMELINA!! So of course we contacted them.  In the afternoon we had found 10 nuevos and put 5 fechas.... then I got a call from Elder Macias... The conversation went a little like this... "Hola Elder!  Como está??´´ ´´Horrible Hermana.  Seriously.  Awful... Hermana you have changes....´´ ´´........... haha Elder... very funny.... changes already happened´´.... ´´I know but the assistants just called.  you are going to Liberia.  we are SO SO SO sad to lose you..´´  ´´...........(tearing up)... Elder if you make me cry for a joke I will kill you!´´  ´´ (in English) Hermana this is serious... you really have changes... you have to be in the office tomorrow at 6 a.m.", and then I cried a bitty bit.  Haha.  I just really love my comp and my zone leaders... we all worked in the same area and we were a great great great great team.  I was so so sad to leave them.... then Elder Macias told me to pass the phone to Hermana Flores... she had changes too... to Liberia!! Haha... I am in Liberia 3 as a sister training leader and she is in liberia 2.  We live together!! :)  So we finished crying... said a prayer to refocus our minds... and finished our work.  we found 16 nuevos and put 7 fechas.  Then ended the divisions... then the Sisters from San Carlos had to come stay at our house but they didn't get there until 11... and then I packed and wrote in the books of my friends... and then... didn't sleep!! Ha.  At 3:45 we caught a bus to San Jose... went to the office... then to a meeting with Elder Maynes and Elder Duncan....

Friday... in the meeting I... well... I fell asleep.  I felt SO bad!! I literally slept the whole time.  Seriously I feel awful and repented a lot.  Then I headed to the office for my suitcases.... then at 5 we headed to take a bus to Guanacaste (Liberia is in Guanacaste... one of the hottest dryest parts of Costa Rica) and we got there at 11:30 at night.  Then I slept  :)

Saturday.... my first day we had a baptism!! Named Marcos Chavaria. The elders had EIGHT baptisms... and the other sisters had one.  So TEN baptisms!! What a great welcome to the area.  My new area is so ready  to be harvested :) We are gonna see miracles here!!!!!!!!!! 

My comp is Hermana Corrales.  She is Tica.. from San Jose... and is finishing her mission this transfer.  Our apartment is BEAUTIFUL.  Seriously.  It is like... new.  and doesn't have bugs or spider webs or anything.  I've got loads of pictures but you have to wait.  Because I am DYING to use the bathroom (I've started drinking more water because it is so hot here and well.... I need the bathroom) Also we have air conditioning in the apartment!

Everything is well.  I've got LOTS of work to do.  And I am going to put my shoulder to the wheel and work Miracles through the Lord!! I sure do love you all and look forward to next week.  Next week I complete TEN MONTHS in the mission!! That sure seems like a whole lot more than nine.... aaa the time is passing way to fast.  I hope you all know how much I love you!!!!!!

Also.  Go read D&C 123:12-17... we all need to have this urgency in the work of the lord!! We must WASTE and WEAR out our LIVES (not just our missions!!) to bring the truth to those who don't have it!! we must do ALL in our power cheerfully then watch the Lord work miracles.


Pura Vida, Hermanita Coco

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