Semana Cuarenta y Tres: Today we went to the beach

Hello Y'all!!! One week in my new area and I feel like it's been months!!! brief update...

On Wednesday we went to COCO BEACH to do service for a member.... it took WAY too long but it was tuanis!

Thursday I did divisions with Sister Nunez in Canas... SO HOT!  But I love doing divisions with the sisters!!

Friday we spent the whole day with Kathya and her two daughters Ana Laura and Carolina.  They will be baptized on Saturday :) Kathya's biggest desire is to change.  And I KNOW that this is only possible through the gospel and atonement of Jesus Christ!!!  

Saturday.  EVERY thing that could go wrong went wrong today.  I can't even explain how many times those three girls said that they weren't going to get baptized any more.  We helped them through their doubts but I started to feel like we were just obligating them.  But I know we weren't.... when Kathya left the font... she was sobbing.  We hugged and she told me, "from the minute I hit the water... I felt the change".  That was her goal.  And now she has opened the door for her and her daughters to be able to make this change!!!

Sunday... the girls were confirmed.  Aaaaaand we got a surprise call from the nurse saying that my comp will possibly be finishing her mission this week :(  I'm so sad!!!! We will see what happens and keep praying.

LOVE YOU ALL!! Thank you so much for writing me.  It really means the world.  I am working on sending some pics!!! I have LOTS MORE to send but I'm running late... not because of all of you... but because today we went to the beach and now I am short on time hee hee :) I am burned.  pictures coming and all my love to yall for this week!!!

Love, Hermana Cook

Throwing away the coffee so we can follow the Word of Wisdom

Hermana Garcia, mi hija  (my daughter - I trained her:)

My new Tico companion Hermana Corrales

Kathya, Ana Laura, Carolina on their Baptism Day

I'm finishing my mission early and getting married!
April Fools:)

The beach with Hermana Flores

My tag at the beach

See the iguana?

Girls in my old region

Carolina and Dayana

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