Semana Cuarenta y Cuatro: Semana Santa

Well Happy Easter family and friends!!!!!!! How did you enjoy it?? I am sad to say that Easter doesn't exist here.  Here they call it Semana Santa... they have different activities and processions that they do on certain days... and Friday, Saturday and Sunday EVERYONE goes to the beach :)  or the river. So the week was pretty slow... no one was home :) But that's okay! It was still great.  Also... weird but they do NOTHING to celebrate on Sunday... which is THE day important... THE day sacred....wait... sacred day.... man I'm confused.


Today we went to San Jose for Leadership Council!!! It was so fun to see Hermana Ortiz and Elder Macias as well as old friends from La Paz!  Presidente gave a GREAT capacitaci√≥n and I learned SO much!  He asked me to share about my experiences when I was in La Paz... it was probably the most spiritual time of my mission!  Then we took the bus and went home.  Only ten hours in a bus today.  So fun!  :)


Today the Elders gave us a reference of a mom named Marjory.  She is great!  She has lots and lots of questions but I think she is very interested!  She has a baptismal date for the 25th of this month.  We also found some nuevos... one is named Zayda.  Her son died three months ago.  We had a VERY spiritual lesson on the Plan of Salvation.  She told us that her son came to her in a dream and told her to care for her grama who is 90 years old and very sick.  Then we visited Marta who is a friend of recent converts... she ALSO has lots of questions but is progressing well for her date on the 18th!  (Today was April Fools Day... Latinos don't celebrate that either.)


Today we visited someone named Velkies... She is a mom that has been ´´married´´ (living with a man) since she was fourteen years old.  When we asked her who God was for her... well she had no answer.  She doesn't know who God is or that she is a daughter of Him!!! What a GREAT blessing the gospel is!!! What a great gift of knowledge we have!!! I hope we treasure it and realize that there are people out there... our brothers and sisters... that don't know it!! That don´t understand their great potential and their divine nature!!! Goodness I love being a missionary.  Velkies can´t read so we will be visiting her briefly every day to read the Book of Mormon with her.  She had a baptismal date for the 25th but she didn't come to church so it fell :(


No one was home... no one was in the street... not a single shop was open... so we basically did service for members all day.  And I got very burned :) Aaaaaand I've started getting headaches everyday this week so I´ve got a new goal to drink water :)


CONFERENCE!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!  It was just the best.  There are about 6 gringos in the stake so we all watched it in English in the high council room.  I am so grateful to have living prophets!!! In the Liahona... it had an interesting article that said that when Noah had to build the ark.. he didn't read the Bible for instructions... he needed modern current revelation!!!  In that same way... though the scriptures are critical to our spiritual knowledge and strength... we also need LIVING CURRENT MODERN revelation and we are SO blessed to be able to receive that from living current prophets and apostles of God!  

After conference... my poor companion was in too much pain to work.  So she went with the senior couple and I went to work with a member.  We couldn't find any of the investigators but the Lord guided us to find two senior sisters that no one has visited from the ward in a long time!  We almost tripped on a little girl riding her bike... then ten minutes later we saw the same little girl! We went to chat with her and share a little message with her mom... then her mom said that HER mom is a member!  We went in to meet her and she is just this little old lady that can't go to church because she is so old and sick.. but she has her family home evenings EVERY Monday night ALL by herself!!!! What a great example!! She gave us the referral of another little old lady that lived near by.  Maybe we didn't find a hundred new investigators but the Lord guided us to his beloved daughters :)


Conference again!!! What a blessing.  Then we visited Xinia... the ex-wife of recent convert Marcos.  and visited recent converts Juancito y Clarita.  They gave us deer meat!!! So we went home and made fajitas.  Mmmmmmmm.

Not the most productive or miraculous week.  But it was a good one.  I love my comp and our roommmates.  Oh did I tell you?  We share the apartment with the other 2 sisters of the ward so it feels a LOT like College.  Its fun!  But they are very messy and sometimes there is drama which I desperately try to avoid.  but it is fun!) I love Liberia... OH go look up the video of David Archuleta that he made... almost every person in the video is in our branch!  The first counselor our cook... a ton!  And when he is walking down the streets of a little city town?? thats Liberia centro!!! chiva.  And watch the one in spanish.  It's awesome!

THE CHURCH IS TRUE!! No doubt about it.   Remember to pray and read the scriptures!! Every day every day EVERY DAY!!  I just love this gospel.  THank you so much for all your love and prayers..... i cant believe how fast the time is flying!!!  One conference more and bam, I'm home!!  Wow.  Also we are skyping in like a month!  Wowza.  Keep becoming a little better every day.  LOVE YOU ALL

Con Mucho Amor,
Hermanita Cookie (in every area the people call me something different.. my last area was Coco... here I'm Cookie!)

Multi-Zone Conference with Elders Duncan and Maynes

Mission Conference with Elder Alonso

Processions and Chanting in the streets for Easter

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