Semana Cuarente y Seis: So easy to accept and hard to act


Great to talk to you all this week.  It feels like a week where NOTHING happened but EVERYTHING happened at the same time.  


Taught Isabel briefly in the street... we started to teach and it felt like Deja vu... like we had already taught the Restoration... so we briefly reminded her with the pictures in the pamphlet.... She said she had no questions and understood it all and we left.... Buuuuuuut we had never taught her the Restoration before.  Woops.  Perhaps we missed an opportunity to give her a more spiritually experience... but... hey.. she accepted it all :)  Then we headed to a Noche de Hogar with the familia Arias (recent converts Maria and Adrian).  Marta lives with them and she invited her boyfriend to the family night.... We knew she was on defense for us to invite her to be baptized again... so we decided to focus 100% on the family in general and not on her.  I think she was shocked.  We made Aztec Soup which is yummy... Hermano Adrian had the camera for the WHOLE hour that we were cooking so I started doing a cooking show and posing for a homemaking magazine in all the pictures.  I am a hoot.  They love me.  (I sent some pics of the cooking but left out the good modeling shots for when I come home)


Today we taught Jackeline and were FINALLY able to teach the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity.  She is addicted to Café but accepted that commandment immediately.... but then she said, ´´Hermanas... I can´t be baptized.... I am living with the dad of Erick and we aren´t married´´ NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! How did we not know this until the week of her baptism???? our fault.  How sad... But Erick will still be baptized on Saturday.


Marta is still on the defensive and says no no no no no with all kinds of Latin attitude


Divisions with Hermana Contreras!!! Which was super weird because we live in the same apartment and work in the same area haha.  When we started the divisions we were walk in a street and Hermana Corrales called us.  She said that a woman I had contacted in the street a few weeks ago saw us and called Hermana Corrales a million times to ask if we could visit with her.  So Hermana Contreras and I went to find her.  She said that Satan was stopping her call from going through and trying to keep her from meeting with the Missionaries of our Heavenly Father.  We barely taught anything... really just testified... and she accepted to be baptized.  She needs to get married too but she and her partner want to!! We just have to sell arroz con leche or algo to raise la plata.  Her name is Diana and she is so great!!!


Today was good!  Erick passed the interview.  He recited word for word the definition of Tithing as it states in the pamphlet :)  He is so great.  And Jackeline is fighting to drop Café.  Today her students went all the way to the store to get milk for her coffee so she would drink it.... and she still didn´t!! She gave it to some other students... but she is suffering greatly with head aches :)


Erick was baptized today!!! It was so so so great.  When he came out of the water he shouted ´´QUE RICO!!!!´´ haha.  He is a cutie.  I pray that his mom with have the chance to join him soon!!!!! Marta surprised us by coming to the baptism... and afterwards she said that she wouldn´t COMMIT to anything... but would TRY to be baptized the next saturday... we will see if she decides to act.


We had MILLIONS of people that were going to come to church... Isabel... ivanna... Marianella (we found her Saturday) Diana and her family... Marta... a ton... and NONE of them came.  Why can´t people figure out that the blessing won´t come until they ACT???  Why is it so easy to accept and so hard to act?? well. We will keep working with them.... The family of marvin and Maria came at night half an hour late but they came!!! Marvin found a bunch of pals that are members so that´s good!! and the kids LOVE it.  I think Maria not so much... but the kids are great.  Marvin and Linda.  

All is well in Costa Rica.  I LOVE THIS WORK!!  This month I have been thinking and praying a LOT.  I felt like if I finished the mission in that moment... I would not be happy with my service.  I am having a blast and having great experiences... but I have been thinking too much in the future and what will happen after the mission.  My heart and mind haven´t been in it.  Another sister gave me two talks... ´´being purified´´ and ´´the fourth missionary´´.  I think they have changed my mission and I am working to apply those principles YA and for the rest of my mission.  See if you can find those talks!! They are GREAT!  

I love you all.  I love this gospel.  It is TRUE!!!!  

Love, Hermanita Cookie

In the house of Maria, Adrian and Marta making aztec soup for Family Night.

All the dogs are dying in the streets cause of the heat:(

Erick's baptism.

My white legs compared to my arms.

Much much much of our area is just white hot sand.

The old zone in Guanacaste before they divided us to Liberia and San Roque.

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