Semana Cuarenta y Siete: We ate chalupas

Hola Hola!!! How goes it??? Very good.


We visisted Isabel.... she is just great... she accepts everything so easily and says that since we have started visiting her she has felt closer to her Savior.  She committed to come to church on Sunday!!!!!!! We will see if she comes through :)

Then we had a Noche de Hogar with Presidente Norton.  We ate chalupas (yummmmm) and Sister Norton gave us home made natural queso crema.  


Ay ay ay.  The días are all blending together.  Well we visited Gina!! Have I already told you about her???  She was a reference from Elisa (recent convert) and we met her when she was at Elisa's house.  Then we went to visit her today and she was lovely.  She started telling us all her dudas and what she had heard about los Mormones.  Her whole life she had always said that she would NEVER listen to the Mormons or go to church because they are satanic :) but when she listened to us at Elisa's she liked what she heard and wanted to come to church to see!!  


Today we found a beautiful family at the end of the day... we were walking and I said hola to a little girl and she was just so cute so we chatted with her then she ran to ask her mom if we could share something with them.... the mom let us in and she had an 8 DAY OLD baby!! We shared a message with the whole family and it turns out their oldest son was baptized like 3 years ago!! So now it is time for the whole family to join :) They committed to come to church!!! PRAYERS!


Today we had a Multi Zone conference with President.... It was SOOOO GOOD!! We aren't doing so hot with our key indicators this month so we all thought he was gonna scold us a bit... but it was just the most spiritual meeting.  He taught us about planning and teaching more powerfully.  He is a GREAT teacher and I am SO blessed to be learning so much from him!


We visited Ester again...and Diana (remember her?? how she ran out calling us to see if we can teach her??) well we got to know her husband!! Michael! He asked SO MANY questions.  We was throwing out all these doubts and things he had heard... and very calmly and powerfully we answered every single one.  It is the best feeling to speak by the spirit.  At the end, they committed to be married and baptized the 23rd of this month and to come to church on Sunday!


We taught Isabel again... sometimes she keeps her commitments... sometimes not...


The family of Hermana Corrales came to surprise her!  So we spent the whole day in an air conditioned car :) que rico.  only Marta and Jackeline came to church :( good news... Marta is engaged!!!!!! she will at last live the Law of Chastity!! YAAAAY!!! They havent set a date yet because she really cant commit to anything... but I have faith! :)  

I sure do love you all!! I am now companions with Hermana Loza... she is Columbiana and is great!  I will learn lots from her.  Until next week!!!!!!

I LOVE YOU, Hermana Cook

An iguana in Guanacaste.  They are everywhere!

A resort.  What I thought Costa Rica looked like:)

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