Semama Cuarente y Nueve: Week of the Family

Hello one and all!! How are you all doing?  I had a beautiful week with many miracles and much growth.  I love the mission.

Monday we had a noche de hogar with sister Guiselle presidenta de primaria.  She brought some neighbors over and though they weren´t hugely interested it was beautiful to see the members participating in the obra misional!!

Tuesday we visited Ester... she is so great.  She knows the church is true... is reading DAILY El Libro de Mormón... and is working on dejando café.  She is a gem.  We just gotta getter married.  Also we had an activity tonight... this is the Semana de la Familia so every night we have an activity!  It is awesome.

Wednesday we went to Daniel Oduber and visited Marta... who this very day moved in with her boyfriend :( :( :( :( :( then Adrian and Maria gave us a referencia... we asked them who the first people were that came into their heads to share the gospel with and they told us the sister that lived four doors down... so we contacted her.. she received us!! Her name is Diana and she has two great children... they assist a different church but at the end of our lesson she said, "I dont know why... but I know that God sent you here."  It is such a blessing to be a representative of Jesus Christ and have people recognize the hand of the Lord in this work.  I love being a missionary!!

Thursday one of the young women visited with us all day!  We contacted all the menos activos and recent converts in Pueblo Nuevo because we haven´t gone to those parts in quite some time.  We said that we could not leave there without finding a new investigator.. and just as we were about to leave we chatted with a woman that said that members of the church have visited her much and she would love to hear our message!  Her name is Lizeth and her daughter is Abigail... they also go to a different church but they received our message well.  What a blessing.  As we strive to work and find people to teach.. the Lord always blesses us!

Friday we taught Mar.  We taught the Restoration and she... well... she said that she is very active in her church.........  I still think she will get baptized once she reads the Book of Mormon and can gain a testimony of that book.  It is truly the keystone of our religion!  We also taught Ester again and Marta (getting her all excited to get married) then Diana and Michael.  We taught them the Plan of Salvation and all is well!  Then we found a new investigator named Andrea.  She said she had been praying to be able to come closer to God.  She has a HUGE desire to change and to attend a church.  She has truly been prepared for a long time to recieve us!! She immediately received the invitation to be baptized.  what a blessing!!

Saturday we spent all day in activities at church... teaching piano and doing a childrens choir... a healthy afternoon where we taught the word of wisdom and shared healthy recipes from our countries (thanks Kelsey for sending me those like a year ago!! they came in really handy this week!) then a concert from the Liberian Symphony.  It was fun and we contacted a TON of non members that came!  

Sunday was the best day ever.  It started out awful because Diana and Michael (and all the other investigators) wouldnt answer us.  So we went to search for them at their house and their niece told us they didnt want to talk to us because they were watching tv.  So we went to church sad and without investigators... then these two little girls RAN to me and hugged me so big and gave me a leaf in the shape of a heart :) they are the daughters of Ester!! Even though she can´t come... she sent her daughters!! It was awesome.  But we were still a little bummed about all the other investigators and especially Diana and Michael.  We visited menos activos all day then went to a fireside where we watched the Area Presidency´s message on families.  something I noticed... the problem with ALL our investigators and those of Liberia also is the law of chastity.  Seriously!! And because of that none of them want to come to church... because this sin is SO weakening.  But the church is focusing SO much on the family.  Because the gospel and strengthening the family is how we can combat the evils of Satan and his attempts to get everyone with the law of chastity!  I love the gospel.  Then we went to church at  night... we brought Norma who is the mom of some recent converts (who are also less actives) and she accepted a baptismal date for the sixth of June!! It was a great blessing..  we walked in... and SURPRISE!! Theres Diana and Michael... sitting hand in hand ready to start Sacrament Meeting... they had tears in their eyes as they told of their day and their decision to come.  they wont be married this month... but we are still working with them.  I am so grateful  for the many miracles that we have experienced this week.  I feel so much peace and so much of the spirit and I have so much more to share but I am out of time!!  :)  I hope you all have the BEST WEEK EVER!  I love you!!

Hermanita Cookie!

This couple visiting Liberia texted us this picture of Hermanas Cook and Hermana Loza

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