Semana Cuarenta y Ocho: Wedding Planner

Hello everyone!!!! It was so so nice to talk to you all yesterday! In fact it was the BEST!  The time went by SO fast I couldn´t believe it... and I think we should have been able to have a call for every family member so everyone got their fair share of time... but hey that´s life :)  And the next time we talk I will be in the United States!! Can you  believe how fast time is passing?? I sure can´t!!! 

Well this week was great.  We had many spiritual experiences and found some pretty incredible people!!

Tuesday was consejo de liderazgo in San Jose... always a highlight of the month!

Wednesday I had an interview with President!!! He is GREAT and always helps me remain motivated and feel the Lord´s love for me.  I hope you all get to meet him soon!!  In the interviews he always reminds me a lot of Dad in the way he talks and shares the gospel and his counsel.  Man I´ve got a great dad.

Thursday we had divisions with the sisters in La Union.  It was so fun!! I was with Sister Carpenter.. a gringa... and now I know why I havent ever had a gringa comp.  They are SO easy to get along with and we just talk in english the whole time haha.  The Lord knows what He is doing.


They didnt come to church this week :( But we are planning their wedding!! This week we will be selling arroz con leche and arroz de maíz in the streets to raise the money.  Yay!!!


She is really great and will surely be baptized in June.  She cant go to church until she finishes her 40 days of having her baby.  But she is progressing and working on getting rid of café.  The only thing is that she isn´t married either... but hey I am gonna be pro at wedding planning!! (great practice for after the mish right??) :)


Were baptized on Saturday!!! Yaaaaay!!!!!! The whole family came and it was beautiful.  A recent convert baptized them.. it was his first time baptizing and struggled quite a bit..he needed someone like dad to practice with him and help him feel confident.  But it was a great service and Linda and Marvin came to their confirmation on Sunday in a shirt and tie and pretty dress... they looked like members all their lives :)


New investigator that is GREAT!!! She is recovering from cancer... and her husband recently became a drug addict and ran off with another female drug addict... it is really sad but she is so faithful and loves the Lord.  She is beautiful and so special to us already... she calls us her daughters and has shared all her experiences and is just great.  We hope to help her come to church and be baptized the 13th of June.

Only Marta and Jackeline came to church.  That is just the greatest struggle still.  I have made a promise with myself and the Lord that I will NEVER use an excuse to not go to church... Do you all realize just HOW important the sacrament is??????? We canNOT miss that.  There is no excuse good enough.  Sacrifice what it takes. 

Well that was the week!! So grateful for all of you and for the chance to skype you and to just have you as my family.  I am truly blessed.  I hope you all have the best week ever and keep working hard to reach your goal in the Book of Mormon!! :)  I love you more than words!!

Hermanita Galletita (thats what they call me now)

Marvin and Linda's baptism

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