Semana Cincuenta: One year in the mission

WOW time flies.  What even happened this week??  Can you believe that this week I will be completing ONE YEAR in the mission?  Wowza.  What a huge blessing to be serving the Lord.

Woops... I dont really remember what happened this week... all the days blended together... :)

Updates on investigators!

Diana and Michael:  They are just so great.  I love them!  They asked blessing this week for some challenges they have and the spirit testified so strong as the Elders used their priesthood power to bless this family.  They are reading the Book of Mormon daily and say they are in Alma!!! They have hymns and the proclamation hung up on the wall.. it is beautiful..... We found some old skirts of Hermana Corrales to bring to Diana so now they have NO excuses to not come to church.  But they didn´t come.  :( :( :( And they didn´t answer us and we dont know why.  :(  We called today to invite them to a family home evening with a GREAT family (Maria and Adrian) Thinking that maybe the problem is that they don´t feel comfortable with the members... but they said no because they don't like visiting peoples houses.  COME ON PEOPLE!! How are they going to ever feel comfortable if they don´t put themselves out there a bit!  I don´t know what is going on but we won´t give up on them!!!  They will be baptized and married... I just hope it is while I am here!

Ester:  Great as always... reading the Book of Mormon daily...has family home evenings now with her step son that is member.... (Francisco)  Francisco passed the sacrament yesterday!!! Yay!! But Ester and Gloriana and the fam didn´t come to church :(  Even though she already finished the whole 40 days thing.  She has ALL the lessons and is so ready to be baptized.  She just needs to go to church and... well... and get married.  Like the rest of Liberia.  

Everyone is doing well!  No one came to church.  Not one :(  I don´t know what more to do without pushing pushing pushing and convincing and forcing them to come..... I feel I can only teach with power and authority and the spirit and help them understand and then the rest is in their agency.  It is just sad when people make the wrong choice...

One more thing happened!! Well last week we got a new branch president... he is the husband of our cook and he is GREAT!  Well he completed years this week and so we all went to buy him a cake at the bakery... fast forward and the whole day I was searching for my planner... I could not find it ANYWHERE!! And that thing is very important.  Well turns out I left it in the fridge of the bakery!  haha.  The lady and I had a good laugh.  

The church is true.  Keep doing those little things.  Thank you for all you do for me.  I love you all SO much and every day it is confirmed to me that this IS the only true church.  And as always I have to give a shout out to yáll as my family... because everyday as I work with families here to apply the gospel in their lives... I see the blessings in my family and I am SO grateful.  We are so  SO blessed!! thanks for all you do.  Keep working hard to be a little better every day!! Thanks for everything.

Hermana Cook

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