Semana Sesente y Sies: If God wants

Well it was another great week in la obra misional!!

On Monday the WHOLE TOWN was in the centro with these little paper lanterns they make to celebrate independence day.  EVERYONE cancelled our appts. because the kids get marked for attendance with their lanterns... we finally found a recent convert couple without children in the parade so we shared a message with them.  They had a friend over that isn't a member and he accepted a baptismal date and cried!  It was beautiful...there is a reason all our appts. fell through!

Tuesday is the REAL Independence day.  All the kids have to participate in a marching band for each school in the whoooole province.  They march around in the sun for hours and hours.  I got a little teary thinking of my baby sister that does that too..... :)  

Wednesday was awesome!! We found several new investigators.. we have been so blessed to be able to find FAMILIES!  They ALL committed to come to church and to be baptized.  We are so blessed.  I love being a missionary.  My family has received so many blessings thanks to this gospel and I see the families here and ache for them to accept the gospel so they too can receive things blessings!! I love this gospel and I love being a missionary.

Thursday we met another new family... they make and sell donuts in the neighborhood (and they are GOOD and only cost 20 cents!... I may have bought several... but it is for a good cause!! to help this family... the people here are pretty creative and make all kinds of things to sell so they can pay for things for school and living... I have to support.  And they were delicious) :)  Poor hermana Rosa broke her tooth eating Chicharron.  She has gone through so much in the past few months and now she has a big hole in her face the poor thing :)  But we got a good laugh at it and are trying to help her find a cheap dentist to fix it.  I will be avoiding chicharron from now on.  

Friday was good!  We went to meet with Luis (the new investigator we found on Monday) but we were quite disappointed... turns out he had just been released from prison when we found him at the house of those members... he stole from the members and went running to keep selling drugs :( :( :( it is SO sad... he was going to change his life :(  Then we went to Comunidad... it POURED rain which is quite unlike Liberia so of course we didnt have an umbrella and we got soaked :) But it was an effective day teaching less actives and finding some new investigators in Comunidad.  I love my area I am so blessed to be here.  The field is LITERALLY white.  Literally.

Saturday was good!! We went to Kukamunga to confirm with all our investigators that they would be coming to church and we confirmed with FIFTEEN PEOPLE that they would be coming and had plans to come pick them all up!!!

Sunday... we started with MUCH faith... I just KNEW we could finally reach our goal through the Lord´s help of having at least 8 investigators at church!!!  We woke up early and hiked up the mountain to Kukamunga.  We confirmed once again with eleven investigators that they would come.  Then we found Lidieth.. who had told us on the phone that she was too sick to get out of bed... and there she was laughing and talking and running around with the neighbor lady and her children.  We caught her in the lie.  And told her that we were there to take her to church.  We got her children ready and called a taxi and she went to church :)  No one else came :(  I dont get it!  They all outright lie to us... they said they were coming!  that they were getting ready!! And they ALL say ´´Si Dios quiere!!´´ which means ´´ if God wants!´´ which basically means no.  Which is so sad because God DOES want them to go to church!!!  Ah man... we will keep trying.. At church I met some gringos! They are always so sweet and always want to send a picture to my mommy :)  so nice.  A couple of them even knew Uncle Stan!  They said he is a great man... I agreed and said that his little brother is too! :)

So overall it was a great week!! I am having many spiritual experiences daily and am SO ready to just hit the pavement and give it ALL I´ve got!  There are only 7 weeks left and I canNOT end this work until I have accomplished everything the Lord wants from me!  I am so grateful to be able to serve my Heavenly Father.

I love you all!  I can´t explain how much I miss you all.  I hope you know how special you are and how much I pray for you!  I hope you have the best week ever..

In the words of the ticos... pura vida :)

Love, Hermana Cook

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