Semana Sesente y Ocho: Sacrifice Week

Well this was just about the BEST week ever and the HARDEST week since I started the mission!!!!  Here´s the lowdown on Sacrifice Week..

We wake up at 5.. get ready eat breakfast and study personally.  

At 7 we go out and for two hours we contact EVERYONE we see.  About 100+ daily.  We would sing on park benches... stand in front of a bus and testify to everyone... cross the street just to talk to someone.. until 9 o clock.

Then at 9-12 we knock and knock and knock doors with lots of faith to find new investigators. (I saw more rejection than I have seen in a loooooong time... the first day not one person let us in and they were quite rude... it was a little rough. but great as well!)

At 12 we have twenty minutes to eat a sack lunch.

Then we head out until 4 to work in the area of one of the companionships in our district.  The whole district goes and contacts houses to try to find them new families to teach.  It was so cool to see such unity and to be able to help eachother find several new families!

Then from 4-9 we can work normally with our normal investigators and recent converts.  

It.  Was.  Hard.  After talking to so many people and knocking so many houses... well we ran out of houses to knock :)  and So many people were ruder than I thought they were here in Liberia (this area has usually been so nice) And physically it was EXHAUSTING.  The other sisters in the house got the stomach flu... my companion killed her knees and couldnt work the last day so she stayed with a member and I hit the pavement. It was so tiring. And I am so tan :)  But it was the best thing I´ve ever done.  It is such a fulfilling feeling to know that I have given EVERYTHING to the Lord. That literally every minute is spent searching for His children that are ready for His message.  

The morning of the last day I read a story in Ether 6 about the ships and the people of Jared.  It said that they were blown from the top of the sea to the bottom closed in these little ships for 344 days.  I´m guessing that seemed like a LONG time enduring LOTS of trials.  That´s kind of how I felt for this short week :)  But the best part is that is said that THE LORD blew the winds.  It was HIM that was giving them these trials and storms for so long... but that He was blowing them towards the promised land.  I truly believe the same is true for each of us.  Though it may seem like years that we are being blown through stormy seas... I know that the Lord is truly blowing us to our own promised land.  We experienced a bit of that.  Finishing of the week we found two GREAT families.  One remembers that missionaries visited her dad years and years ago when she was a little girl... and the other is a very cute couple that had been having marriage problems.. they were separated for a month and a half and when we found them they had had one week together again.  We got there and just testified to them of how the gospel strengthens families and marriages and they said that they knew God sent us to them for their specific needs.  Today we have Noche de Hogar with them.  They are great (Antonio and Jennifer).  Also on Sunday Rosa´s ex pareja, Gerardo, came to church.  Looks like he will start investigating to be able to be with her again.  We will be teaching him tonight as well.

I love missionary work.  Sometimes I feel so bad because all our baptisms are falling and sometimes it feels like I am not reaching what the Lord expects of me.  But I DO know that I am giving it my all and will keep trying to improve every single day.  I can feel peace and know that I am a successful missionary knowing that I am truly consecrated and trying my best to improve every minute.  I love love love this work.

Oh ya!  Also my birthday was THE BEST!!!!! I love love love these girls I live with.  I woke up Saturday morning and the sisters had decorated the wall with ´´21 things we love about Hermana Cook´´ some of which included..´´you teach powerfully by the spirit´´... ´´you believe everything we say´´....´´you are pinteresty and crafty´´.... and ´´´you feel like every decision will change your life´´.  Haha.. it was so cute... then they sent me to shower and get ready while they prepared a surprise breakfast of pancakes and strawberries (I dont know WHERE they found strawberries) and ice cream!! :)  They are just the sweetest.  Then they took me to a surprise lunch at Mejicanito... then at night they had a surprise gathering at Rosa´s house with a cake with my name on it.  They are just the best and I love them SO MUCH!  I am so grateful....

On Sunday an elderly sister stood to bear her testimony... instead of testifying of the Savior... she testified about me :)  haha I was soooo embarrassed and hid behind the piano while she gave a dedicatory speech about me and my talents for my birthday..... :)  It was nice... but not quite appropriate for testimony meeting :)  Then at night the meeting had already started and I went to fix the numbers for the hymns.  I sat at the piano and saw the missionaries laughing and sister fowler motioned to my skirt....... my zipper was ALL THE WAY down in the back.  yep.  Everyone in the congregation saw my covenants.

So anyways it was a pretty awesome week :)  hard but worth it.  I know the Lord is preparing people every day for us to find and teach.  He loves us.  He loves each of His children.  And I am so blessed to be part of this work.  

I love each of you and am so grateful for all the birthday wishes!!!!! I love you all!

love, Sister Cook 

I had a wonderful birthday thanks to these girls!

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