Semana Sesente y Cieta : My mission will NEVER end!

I am so sorry, I lost track of time today!! I will just give you some updates...

Jenny kind of lied to us it turns out :(  she said that she had moved to San Roque (a different ward) to live with her mom... but she had told us that her mom died........... then we got to her house and she was there... as if she never left... but said that she comes and goes... and now is avoiding us and we just dont know... it is so sad :(  people have NO idea how much we pray for them and love them... :(

The best high light was CONFERENCE!!!!! I LOOOOOOVE CONFERENCE!!  We had the most beautiful miracle and had three investigators at the conference!!! Jennifer and Josselyne came!!!!! YAAAAAAY!! I am so grateful.  I just love them and know that they can have a conversion through the conference.. the church is SO true.

Also our ward is doing something awesome called family missionaries.  Every week three families are selected and given a giant missionary plaque to display in the house.  Their job is to work with the missionaries for the week.  They open the house so we can bring investigators over for lessons... they meet and fellowship investigators... they go out with us to do visits.... and give references.. It is AWESOME!! It makes many people that have never participated become very active in missionary work.. they then share their spiritual experiences and select the next family missionaries.  I love it!! We should do something like that at home!

My time is quickly coming to an end.  In internet and also in the mission :)  But a big impression that I had in conference is that my mission is NEVER ending!  Ever!  In Costa Rica, yes.  But the Lord has SO much He needs me to do.  There are SO many people He needs me to serve and love.  My job is to become as Christlike as I possibly can so that He can call upon at any minute to do any job He need.s  My whole life is to serve my Heavenly Father... so my mission will never end.  I am so happy.

I love you all!!! Next week I will have an AWESOME letter to write.  This week is called ´´Sacrifice Week´´.  We will be waking up at five and leaving to preach at 7 in the morning until 9 at night.  We will not be going to our cook´s house to eat.. just taking a sandwich.  we are going to do crazy things like talking to 175 people daily and going as a zone to contact every house in the area.  We have been told to get creative with our talents to Hermana Hubler and I will be standing one a park bench and singing hymns with her ukelele while the other sisters contact the listeners.  It will be AWESOME and you can expect a great email next week.

Thank you so much for all your love and Birthday wishes!!! I love you all so much!!!!

love, Sister Cook
We are spoiled missionaries!

My sweet companion

Our ward building

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