Semana Sesente y Nueve: I don't want it to ever ever end

It´s been another great week in the obra misional!  We found several new investigators... several other investigators dropped us or disappeared... it´s been raining quite a bit (it rains when I DON'T bring my umbrella.. if I´ve got it it never rains) :)... my companion is doing well and my roommates are great.. I´ve had some trials and some great spiritual experiences.   I´d like to just give an update on the biggest miracle of the week.

A few weeks ago a member came to work with her boyfriend that she lives with.  He isn´t a member.  We quickly put an appointment with them.  But the appointment fell through and every time we tried to call they were busy or didn´t answer.  But ever single time we went to Pueblo Nuevo they would come to mind.  This Saturday we decided to try one more time.  They answered and invited us over!  We started out the visit getting to know them.  They are a very sweet couple.. Randal and Jessica.  She has been a member since she was 15 or so and he has just been getting to know the church through her for five months.  He is friends with the WHOLE ward council which is pretty helpful.  He works at a hotel which is usually the WORST for investigators because their schedule is awful and they can never come to church.  But he has worked there for a long time so he actually has a great schedule and has two weeks of vacations right now.  We asked them what they most desire in life... they said to be sealed together in the temple.  Now THAT is an investigator that is prepared!  We testified that they can be sealed together and invited him to be baptized on the seventh of November.  He said of course!  Now here´s the problem... they don´t have the funds to have a wedding so soon and he is a little prideful and doesn´t want to accept help.  But the whole ward council is so willing to donate old suits or dresses or to make the cake!  We are searching for a lawyer that can marry them really cheap... and we are DEFINITELY willing to sell arroz con leche in the street to help... They are SUCH  sweet couple and are now coming to church every week.  We taught the restoration and he is accepting it all without doubt.  T
hey are now praying together and reading the Book of Mormon.  This has TRULY been a miracle... to find someone truly prepared!  I am just praying and praying and fasting SO hard that they will accept the help we are offering and be married on the 7th!  I know he will be spiritually prepared... and I KNOW that if they are trying to keep the commandments Heavenly Father WILL help them!  Please keep them in your prayers... tomorrow we will be teaching the word of wisdom.. I am pretty sure he drinks coffee.  I love them so much and am SO grateful that the Lord has trusted me with this great calling... I love serving.  I love it so much.  I love this country and I love every person I meet.  I love my companions.  I love just waking up in the morning and feeling happy every single day to be able to get up and serve.  I don´t want it to ever ever end.  I love this.

Thank you so much for all you do.  Please pray for Randal and Jessica.  I have seen so many miracles... but the majority aren´t completed... I just KNOW that this couple will be baptized.  They are ready!  please keep them in your prayers...

I love you all!!!

Love, Sister Cook

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