Semana Sesenta y Cinco: I am a happy missionary.

Hi family and friends!!! 

I am a happy missionary.  I am just gonna give a few highlights of the week...

I don´t know if I have told you but I have a new best friend!! Her name is Sister Fowler and she is the greatest.  She is gringa and is from Bountiful.  She is Sister Loza´s companion so we live in the same house and it is the HUGEST BLESSING!! I´ve never had a gringa comp but this is the closest I´ll get and it is the best.  Well on Martes we had divisions!  She is my sister training leader so she came to my area to work with me.  She is SO full of faith.  We started out the day praying to be able to find three new families that have already been to church once.  We went out to work as I always do... diligently obediently faithfully.. but we also had SO much fun :)  Seriously I love her... when we finished the day we realized that we had found THREE new families and EVERY SINGLE ONE had been to church at least once!!! Do you all realize that Heavenly Answers our prayers!!??? He truly does!! IT just blows my mind.  The next day I studied Helaman 10 and 11 and I saw it proven there as well!  THe Lord WANTS to bless us... he wants to help us!  And if we are righteous and obedient and our desires are righteous... He will give us what we want and need!  I love my Heavenly Father... and also Sister Fowler.

On Wednesday I started teaching piano lessons again!  I sent a pic.  It is fun to be able to serve others in so many ways.  I really do love to serve... I love to be able to use my talents and abilities to bless others... I am just so blessed people.  I love my Heavenly Father.

Thursday was AWESOME too!  In Every single lesson that we had we found new investigators!!!! As I said before, when our desires are righteous and we are working hard with faith... of COURSE Heavenly Father will bless us!! I love HIm and this gospel so much.

On Friday we did divisions and I went to Coco with the Bishop and ward mission leader and his wife and my comp went to Comunidad with Heidy.  We had a great day and were able to visit many inactive members.  We are going to activate every soul!!! How many less actives do we have in our ward unit?  I am coming to help activate them.

Saturday we taught some english classes.. And all our other lessons included finding more new investigators!! We are SO BLESSED!!  I love this work..

On Sunday we had 16 investigators completely confirmed and set on coming to church.  Even Rosa Herba!  Oh ya.. on Wednesday we went to tell her we weren´t going to keep teaching her... but she told us she wants to get BAPTIZED and completely committed to come to church.  Well she didn´t come :(  I don´t understand people.  We were set on having all those 16 in church.  So we woke up early and at 7 we left and set out hiking up the mountain to bring the world to church.  We ended up with one... :)  But hey!  One is better than zero!! And this one soul is a beautiful daughter of God named Jennifer that truly needs the gospel so I am so happy she came to church.  

Now it is the 14th of Sept... the 15th is a HUGE day because its the 4th of July!!! Apparently Guanacaste celebrates all out so I will be sure to send pictures next week.  

I just hope you all realized just how blessed we are.  We may not be the richest people in the world but we have SO MANY THINGS... seriously.  In the worldly sense we are SO much richer than these sweet ticos and in that sense we are truly blessed.... but in a spiritual sense I can not even BEGIN to explain the blessings we have.  Do you realize that there are people that DON´T KNOW that they can pray to their Heavenly Father?? There are people that DON´T KNOW how to have a happy family?? Or that they CAN have a happy family?? I just want each of you to take a look around at the immense way that Heavenly Father has blessed us.  He loves us so much.... And I TRULY love Him and am honored to be serving His mission.

I love you all,

Sister Cook

My new companion Sister B from Guatemala 

Excelente Maestra

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