Semana Sesenta y Cuatro: Monkeys and Marimbas

Hola!  So I never found my other planner (my PLANNer not my journal.. no worries) :)  so my companion lent me her planner from the MTC and I put it in a case I had bought at the beginning of my mission... aaaaaand I lost that too.  I guess this is one of those moments that mom would say, ´´where is your head you space cadette?!?!´´ haha... woops.  I am still working on that  :) 

But this week was glorious.  Truly.  Actually it was so weird because I numbers were REALLY low... But we had been working normal and we saw so many miracles... yet the key indicators did not reflec that.  Woops.  Well we evaluated what we need to improve and have set goals to do so... but seriously this week I just... I love being a missionary.

Last Monday they took away our p-day because my comp had to go to the Panama embassy during the week.  So we had to work normal and it was actually so hard to focus.  I had to repent a lot.. Then on Tuesday we went to Kukamunga to visit Katherine!  She is preparing for her baptism on Saturday. While there we met her non member 19  year old cousin Hellen.  She seems like a member already!  She is great and we are working to help her be baptized in September.  Then we started down the mountain and found a family of four!  They actually have a lot of potential.  Then we finally found Nuria.. we watched the Restoration and the DVD skipped and broke RIGHT at the first vision!! Satanás!!! But she agreed to pray to know if Joseoph Smith was a prophet.  We finished in Pueblo Nuevo with Jennifer.  Oh how I love her.  She is progressing so well.  When we got there and asked if she had read the Book of Mormon her brothers said, ´´she reads that thing EVERY DAY!´´ :)  It was sweet. Then we ended the night with Rosa and the chicos (Eli Elian and Elias.. have I already told you about this family?) Turns out her husband has come back so she WON'T be baptized on Saturday :(  So sad.  But good that he came back I guess.

Wednesday was... I don't remember.

Thursday we took the five and a half hour bus to San Jose.. just so my comp could sign a paper... then we headed back (6 hours!)  I got sick in the curvy mountain roads (though the ride is BEAUTIFUL!  very green and jungly) In the office... they asked me what airport I want to go to so they could buy my plane ticket... it is getting real!!

Friday... oooooh Friday... it was glorious!  We started out in Kukamunga for Katherine´s interview.  To get there you have to go up a big dusty hill/mountain and in the one o'clock sun it is BRUTAL!  After the interview we had an appt. in Pueblo Nuevo at the bottom of the mountain.  After that we had another appt at the top of Kukamunga otra vez!  (i know, bad planning).  So we were ALMOST to the top when suddenly we got a test from Rosa that said, ´´Hermanas, Soy Rosa.  El 5 de Sept me bautizo.´´ we screamed and ran dooown the hill, through Pueblo Nuevo, through Moracia, until we got to Chorotega where Rosa lives.  Turns out her ´´husband´´ finally left for good so now she can finally be baptized!!!  We helped her see that there is no reason to wait for next week when we have a baptism planned tomorrow!  With tears in her eys she said yes!  Her sweet boys kissed her and hugged her.  She is SUCH  a SPECIAL woman!  This is what I love about missionary work...

Saturday.. Today Rosa Maria Serrano Rodriguez and Katherine Pamela Juarez Morera were baptized!  Rosa´s son Eli baptized her and Katherine´s dad baptized her.  IT was beautiful!  Afterwards Rosa shared a tearful testimony.. I am SO grateful to be part of her conversion!  Leda was going to be baptized too... we were at the church waiting for two hours but she never showed :(  it was so so sad.. I don´t know why.  I love her so much and I´ve been so excited that she could receive her first ordinance!  We will keep trying to contact her.

Sunday... another amazing day.  In the morning we stood by the door greeting everyone that entered and I suddenly got really sentimental and teary because I just LOVE those people... I love the members.. I love Liberia... and I loooooooooooooooooooooove serving a mission.  I don´t want to go home.  I mean I do... but man I just love it here.  Then we went out searching for new investigators... our goal was pretty lofty... ten!  We only found three... but those three we found TRULY needed us.  We had prayed to be guided to someone that really needed the gospel and we found three.  I just love being part of this work..  Then at 4:30 Marjori and her son and her friend were baptized!!! Three souls all because we opened our mouths in the super market!  They weren´t technically OUR baptisms (well they aren´t anyone´s baptisms... they are the Lord´s baptisms!!) but we just felt so happy to see them baptized.  Then in the night meeting they were confirmed.  I just love being a missionary.  Today I just felt so fulfilled and happy to be doing this work.  Man I love this.

Thank you so much for loving me... I feel your love from here and can´t wait to be with you again.  I miss you all and hope you have the best week ever!!!

love sister cook

Sister Santos

Sister Fowler



McDonalds with President Laboriel

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