Semana Sesenta y Dos: Kathrin Pamela and Leda

Hola Buenas!!! Come están?? It was so fun to hear about the family week that you had and I can´t wait to be with you for the next one.  

The work is moving along here in Costa Rica!  We had another good week with ups and downs...  one of the downs is that I lost my planner in the bank (with the pretty leather cover with my name engraved on it) :( :(  Entonces I don´t reeeeallly remember EVERYTHING that happened this week haha.  Here are some random updates.

While searching for some less actives in San Rafael a.k.a Kukamunga (so called because it is way out in the middle of no where) we found an ACTIVE family with a nine year old daughter that has not yet been baptized.  So we will be baptizing her on Saturday at six :)  Her name is Katherin Pamela.  Very cute girl!  And a great blessing from our Heavenly Father to help us reach our goals.

Leda will also be baptized on Saturday at six.  Do you remember her?? She was SO great but couldn´t be baptized because she lived with her pareja.. well in the middle of the night she decided to keep the commandments and left him!  But that meant she had to move to Avangaras... which is far.  But still in our area!  So now she can be baptized!  But she can only come to Liberia ever 15 days because she can´t pay for the bus so much... but we worked it out so she can have this great opportunity!

Rosa... not Rosa herba... Rosa 2.  (everyone and their dog is named Rosa here.  Or Maria.  Or Rosa Maria de los Angeles..) Rosa 2 was an investigator of Hnas Contreras and Flores... then of Flores and Loza... then when they split the areas she became ours!  She is just the best woman in the world... her three sons were baptized but she couldn´t because she lived with her pareja.  She comes to church weekly and even pays her tithing!! Well this week her pareja left her which was so so sad...  we ran to her aid to comfort her and help her count her many blessings.. (it is interesting that as a missionary I have given more marriage counsel and advice than ever in my life and obviously I have no experience in that!  The spirit sure helps us have the words... and the real trick is that whatever problem or challenge we have... the answer, counsel, and advice, is live the gospel!)  But now she is realizing that she too can FINALLY be baptized!  So... Saturday at six!  Saturday will be such a blessed day.

This week we had a special video conference with PRESIDENT RUSSELL M. NELSON!  It was so great.  IT was great.  we were taught that in all situations we should CHOOSE JOY!  We were also taught some ways to have greater success in la obra misional.. how to work with members... fourteen topics that we should master in the gospel.. and even some marriage advice!  :)  He gave us a blessing.. envoking the power of his apostleship.. blessing us in the work and blessing our FAMILIES!  So know that you have been blessed by an  apostle of God.

Then there was a conference for all women of the church 18 and above with Sister Wendy Nelson (his wife).  Wow, she is a cool woman!  She is so smart and has written several books and was the president of the BYU Womens Conference.  
I´m sure what I am going to share you have heard before but I loved it.  She said that we can all do a little three day experimento... where every day for three days we choose one thing wherein we can by ´holy´She said we can all say  ´´ what would a holy woman do?  How would a holy woman wake up?   How would a holy woman do the laundry?  Make dinner?  Study the scriptures? Clean the house? Be with her children? Speak to her husband?´´ etc.  She then explained that for every single one of our weaknesses, there is a counter gift of the spirit for whcih we can pray and fast for to change one by one our weaknesses and REALLY make them strengths.  SHe said that all the gifts of the spirit listed in the scriptures are only suggestions and that there are many many more.  My invitation to my dear family is that every one can do this challenge!  Every day for three days look for one activity in which you can be ´holy´.  How would a holy many complete his responsibilities at work?   How would a holy girl act in school?  How would a holy boy obey his mom?  etc.. you can all apply it to yourselves.. hasta Cal!  :)  Oh and Finley too I guess.. he can talk and stuff right?  My oh my.  Anyways.. there were some scriptures she shared but I wrote them in my planner which is lost.. so just look for ways to be a little holier this week :)

I sure do love you all.  I can´t even explain it.  Like I said, ups and downs this week.  Spiritual experiences daily and also many frustrations and sad moments... but this IS the work of the Lord.  And it is a PRIVILEGE to be part of it.  I will forever be grateful and will do whatever it takes to please my Heavenly Father.

I wish you all the best week ever... especially happy birthdays to Kate and Les.  I love you all and will see you so soon!  Have a great week!

Straightening Rosa's hair

A FHE game designed by the Elders

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