Semana Sesenta y Uno: Seriously family I love you all so much

Here´s the biggy.  You will have to forgive me again... I got a little carried away in all my personal emails to you all.  I just can NOT get over how blessed I am.  I can not get over it.  I just want to cry and give thanks to my Heavenly Father and to ustedes all day long and not even say anything about my week.  You are the GREATEST BLESSING I COULD EVER HAVE ASKED FOR and I can not get over how blessed I am.... goodness I love you all so much.  Thank you for the love and support.. for your prayers and for your emails.  I am also praying for all of you and wish you the best in this week to come.  

This week was good!  I dont remember much....... but it was Día de la Madre!!  So we had a party and I MC-ed.  I was kinda awesome and the ward had a great time.  We played games and sang songs and the works.  

Then on Sunday I spoke on families.  No one in the world has a family like ours.  I am so blessed.

Other things happened but I don't remember.......Oh today is cambios!  I am still here to finish the training of my sweet comp Sister Santos. That´s one cambio mas (six weeks) then I will only have one more change... six weeks more!  It is FLYING by but I am so grateful for every minute.

Not many fruits yet but that is a okay.  I am so happy to be serving the Lord.  He has blessed me so much I can´t even explain it... and I will labor away all my days to thank Him.

Seriously family I love you all so much.  I just don´t even have the words to express it.  Just please stay faithful.  Please keep doing what you are all already doing and never stop.  We can only get better every day.  I LOVE YOU ALL!  Have the best week ever,

Hermana Cook 

Matching in Grey

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

We love the Wilkinsons!!

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