Semana de Sesenta: This work is tricky

Hello!  So great to hear from you all today.  Mondays are so special for that.  Here's a little update of the week... it really was great!  A roughy but great :)
This week we were just not finding new investigators... and.. well those we have aren't progressing very much.  They just don't come to church and we have done everything we can think of.  So you know what that means?  We have got to find those that will come to church!!!!! In place of focusing on making the investigators we have progress... this next week we will be focusing on FINDING the people that WILL progress with their own free will.
Mon, Tues, and Wed were rough because all our appts. fell and we just couldnt figure out where to go or what to do because we had already visited all the members in the new area asking references... and nada.  So we prayed to know where to go... someone came into my mind and well someone ELSE much farther away came into the mind of my companion.  So I wanted to give her the chance to follow her impressions so we went there... it worked out okay so the question was.. Am I not receiving revelation correctly?  Am I not understanding?  Or was either plan okay.. we have been studying all week revelation and how the Lord will tell us where to go what to do and what to say.. so we are workin on it...
Thursday was kind of crazy because we MOVED!  The Servers headed out to Puntarenas (so sad) so we headed into their house and it is BEAUTIFUL!  I seriously can't believe I am a missionary.. it is so beautiful.  It has a washer and dryer that actually DRIES the clothes... not just spin it so you can hang them out to finish drying!  We have an OVEN!! and a beautiful stove... i just feel so blessed :)  I had a GREAT personal study pondering my patriarchal blessing and just feel so blessed...
That night we headed out to work... we didn't have much time so we had prayed to know where to go and we both felt we should visit a member family. We didn't know why because we were praying to find new investigators.. but we decided to follow the prompting.  To get to their house, we walked a different route than we would usually walk.. and there we ran into some other members who gave us a reference of a non member spouse of an inactive girl!  We felt so sure that THIS was the reason we felt we should go to that family.. so we would walk a different route and run into these jovenes and have the reference for the new investigator!! So we rushed to contact the reference.. and.. well he wasn't there.  Well she SAID he wasn't there but we saw him.  So bueno :)  Maybe that wasn't it.. so we headed to the family and shared a great message and... no references.  No new investigators.. but we know there had to be a reason we felt we should visit them!  We just dont know what that reason is :)  Learning to understand revelation is tricky.
On Friday I was working SO hard to follow the Spirit... Truly!  And well we saw some blessings!  We felt we should contact the street of that family we found last Saturday since our appt. with them is tomorrow and we could see them and remind them... turns out they won't be there tomorrow so we were able to teach them today!  We had a great lesson and they are preparing for their baptism on the fifth of Sept!  Then we decided to contact some streets we had never seen and I passed a door and literally felt pulled back to it.  We contacted it and the WHOLE FAMILY are inactive members.. lost sheep. The Lord knows and is aware of every one of us!
Saturday was.. well... a day.  :)  We were planning on having the interview of Norma today.. but during studies she sent us a message that said she wasnt going to be baptized.  We decided to leave right then and find her and help her with her doubts and fears so we walked all the way there and... she wasn't home... so they said.  So we went home again haha.  Once again all our appts. fell and we were just feeling... tired. We prayed again in the street and contacted a house... and in that house we found six nuevos!! Two of which seem very interested and accepted baptismal dates.  There are ups and downs in every day but this IS the work of the Lord and I feel blessed to be part of it.
Sunday... no one came to church again.  That's always rough, but we will just work harder on finding those that will come!  Then we went about our visits.. in between a lesson we felt we should talk to some women chatting outside.. we did and just shared our testimonies... the woman started testifying about her evangelica church so we thought we weren't going to get anywhere... but then she said that she had been praying today and we got there and said exactly the words that she had said in her prayer and that only the Lord knew... that Heavenly Father sent us directly to her to answer her prayer.  She didn't exactly accept another appt. but it feels so good to be able to help me... i was praying specifically this week that the Lord would guide me to those that are hurting or need comfort and I have seen that fulfilled!
Today, Monday, we are in San Jose again for Chequeo de Mes.  We ate some really yummy food and will be heading back to Liberia after I finishing talking to all of you (in eight min) :)  I just want you all to know that YES this work is tricky.. some days or moments are rough... but I AM feeling the spirit... every day there is SOMETHING that makes it worth it.  Though right now we aren't seeing all the results of our efforts, I know that the Lord is blessing us.  I pray always that He will bless all of you at home as well and feel confident that that is happening.  I miss you all... Time is flying!  Nos vemos pronto
I love you!
love, Sister Cass
ps... pictures next week!  There is no hook up in this comp.  love you!

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