Semana Cincuenta Ocho: The joy of being blonde

Upe buenas!! Ready for the update?? Not too much happened this week.

As we are now a stake.. they have split our branch and made two wards... la Victoria y Liberia.  So they also split the missionaries.  My companion and I, as well as a companionship of elders, serve in Liberia and all the others serve in la Victoria.  It's tricky because our area now is the pure center with lots of stores and not many accessible people.. and a little dusty pueblo far away from the capilla.  So we are working on adapting to the new challenges of our area and trying to make sure we know every member.

The split was a great blessing because an investigator has decided he loves me and is constantly sending love texts.  We almost changed our number.  The joy of being blonde.

So with the split we have lost half our investigators or maybe more.  Ester, Fernando, almost everyone is in la Victoria.  So we have got to find new investigators... we spent one day knocking doors and it is the last time in my life I will do that!! It is not efficient at all.  So then we starting visiting the members and asking references... they shared many stories of disobedience saying they don't trust the missionaries with their family and friends... but I guess we gained their trust because they gave us five new investigators in one day!  I hope that continues.. Because we need help!

This weekend was a big deal here in Guanacaste.  I guess before, Guanacaste was separate from Costa Rica and Nicaragua.  It was solo.  So this weekend was the celebration of when Guanacaste joined Costa Rica for their own free will.  They celebrated by filling (literally FILLING!  I have never seen so many horses... or so much alcohol) the streets on horse back and drinking.  How exciting.  So ALL the investigators (and even the members and less actives) were all at the fiestas all weekend... no one was found in their houses... it was so rough.  I felt like we were just walking around aimlessly wasting time... which felt AWFUL!  I do not like to waste time... especially the LORD'S time!! But I just didn't know what to do... I really need to be better at relying on the spirit because I cannot have a repeat of this weekend!

Saturday was the same deal... parties... but there was soemthing awesome.  Dance Alliance from BYU-I came to town!  They did a great dance show and we had permission to go with investigators!  They basically taught the Family a Proclamation to the World through their dance... they had quotes from the prophets in between... it was awesome!! That's why I love that school.....  On Sunday they all came to our ward and I was the translator :)  There were several recently returned sister missionaries and I made many friends... then before they left there was a girl that said,  ''I know you... how do I know you??"' ''Well I went to BYU-I for a year before the mission.... I lived in the Willows..'' ''I LIVED in the Willows too!!'' ''oh okay! I lived on the fourth floor..'' ''I LIVED ON THE FOURTH FLOOR TOO!'' '' oh my goodness we were in the same ward!!!!!'' haha it was so strange to see someone from before the mission IN my mission.. and very weird to talk in english to so many blondes... I felt like they understood me :)  haha.  After they left all the ward members were making fun of me because they said that my ''gringa personality'' that they had never seen came out.  I just can't completely be myself in another language!! :)  Anyways it was really fun to see them and to have all the members see them.  After the relief society lesson, one of the girls asked me to translate something for the teacher... with teary eyes she told the teacher that though she didn't understand the lesson.. she could truly feel the spirit... It is so beautiful to see and remember that even if we can't communicate.. there are no barriers for the gospel.  The spirit is the teacher.  

I love this gospel so so much.  I know it is true.  This is the ONLY true church.  Please don't let ANYTHING keep you from receiving the blessings of actively participating in this great feast the Lord has for us.  (search the mormon message about living beneath your privileges)  I LOVE YOU ALL and wish you the very best week.  I miss you all more than words..

p.s. I am currently writing from San Jose.  My sweet hija (seriously she is an angel I love her so much) had to do her fingerprints.  I'll be back on Friday to sing the new mission song for the leadership conference... then again next week for Chequeo de Mes.  I thought that not being a Sister Training Leader would mean that I don't go to san jose again.. but it looks like I will now be living here!! ;)  I love you all!!  

I love Presidente Wilkinson

My companion Hermana Loza

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