Semana Veintiuno: Up your game people

Bad news Folks... My computer in the internet cafe broke and now I have about five minutes to type up my weekly report for yáll.  :)  So this week... I´m not gonna write much..  Let´s just say it was another week of ups and downs... of goods and bads... but the one thing that is for sure is that it was another week where my testimony was strengthened.  I know I´ve said it a bajillion times but I don´t think yáll realize... Here in Costa Rica... I´m having the chance to see ¨the world¨.  And it's awful.  Satan is strong and working hard to tear down the children of God.  I am here to testify to you all that those little things we ALWAYS talk about... praying daily, reading the scriptures, keepin the commandments... are of the UTMOST importance.  I´d like to challenge you all once again to up your game.  Don´t just pray daily... develop a relationship with your Father in Heaven.  Don´t just read the scriptures... seek to understand them and why they are important.  Don´t just keep the commandments... understand God´s will.. His plan.. and obey them with all your heart might and mind.  When you fall short... utilize this great blessing of the Atonement and repent!  We have the opportunity to change... use it!  Teach your children these important principles... hold family home evening EVERY monday night... never miss it.  Pray and study the scriptures as a family EVERY day.  Never miss it!  The minute we start to be lazy or casual with even just one of these things... we are giving Satan the power to enter into our lives and into our homes.  Don´t let him!  I have seen what happens!  I have seen how he can destroy the family and confuse the hearts of the people.  I have seen the sadness and tragedies in peoples lives because they are so lost.  I have felt literal pain for the lives of these people and I pray with all the energy of my soul for them and for you... that you will realize the blessings we have to live where we do.. that you will truly live the gospel.. that you will become truly converted and continually fight in this battle with Satan that is more real than I ever knew.  You have a Father in Heaven who truly loves each and every one of you.  If I am aching for the sins of the world I cannot imagine how He feels.  Trust in Him and follow His plan... the blessings that await you are great.  Teach your families and share this glorious gospel... this way to find happiness.. with all that you see.  I love you all so much and every day am grateful for the family that I have... the leaders that I have... for all the experiences that I have had in this beautiful gospel!  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is TRUE!  Live it!!! 

P.S. I found a ¨Guide for the Family¨pamphlet this week... it´s like a book that describes everything we should do as members of the church to have a happy family... way to go mom and dad I think you must have studied that together every night because you nailed them all!  I am so grateful!  You new mothers out there (aka Kels and Kate... and you too Court) should find this pamphlet and study it with your husbands to be sure you are raising your families with these correct principles!

Also.  Grama Nuria and her daughter Isabel are going to give us lunch every day starting next week!  No more rice and beans every day!! What a blessing :)  Also today are changes and I am blessed to be able to finish the training of my sweet Hermana Garcia!  Six more weeks and then who knows!  

They don´t really celebrate Halloween here... all the Evangélicas love to tell me what a sin it is to celebrate Halloween... don´t celebrate anything dark and scary okay?? But I am looking forward to pictures!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EASTON!  Did you know I was baptized on your birthday many years before you were born??  It´s a special day!

If a baby is born this week you had better tell me!! I am praying for you all every day!

And I am out of time.  Sending ALL my love to the best family in the world... and to all the rest of you reading my blog in Poland and Turkey.... visit or search for the local missionaries in your area.  Your life WILL be changed!  I promise that there is a way to find true happiness and peace in this life and Eternal Life in the next!  I leave this testimony with you all in the name of Jesus Christ, my beloved Savior and Friend, Amen.

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