Semana Veinte: The Carnal Desires of Men. . . and Fleas

Hello one and all!  I had another week of learning here in Costa Rica!  Days of discouragement and days of great joy!  

And a lot of you were asking about how it was to work in our big area!  Well...  I haven´t had much luck with that :)  Our ward directory (which I was using to make the area box JD) is AWFUL and says we only have about six active members... which is not correct.  And several people have already died... so... still workin on that :) 



First of all I had a dream...  That I got this AWESOME reference of a family of 10 from Kennedi and Lettie.  So Dad and Mom and me went to contact them.  Haha.  Mom was taking notes on all the people and where they live and their challenges and why they are interested.. and Dad was prepping the crowd and telling me what to do. Then I said, "Dad.  
I´m a missionary.  I can do this."  Haha... I love it when missionary work is family work!  I hope you all at home are actually doing your part!  Haha I know you are.

After District meeting Elder Perez and his companion came to work with us for a while to help us learn.. but we had no appts... They all fell through.  So I walked and walked and then went to the only members house that I knew in the area.  The elders went to contact the street while we taught a lesson... The member opened the door and had guests over so could talk with us.. but then one of the guests said she would listen to our message!  Her name is Marie.  She is very Christian but said if she feels that it is true when she prays then she will be baptized!  


Today was a blessed day!  We finally had appts that didn´t fall!  The highlight was teaching Jendry... we taught a beautiful lesson about eternal families and she cried and finally said she would get married and we set a date for December 6.  Then we found SEVEN nuevos!!!  Obviously not all will be baptized... but at least we had the chance to share the gospel!


Once again all our appts fell.  So we were a little down.  I guess every day can´t be a good day right?  We prayed and prayed that the Lord would put someone in our path.  Suddenly this man came (that I´d taught once before and kind of scared me) and said that he really wants to quit smoking and asked if we would share something with him to help him.  We took this as our answer and said of course!  So we went to his house and he said his mom was in the bathroom and would accompany us... so we sat down... and after a little while the mom didn´t come out... and the man came and sat by me and kept moving closer... then started talking about his "carnal desires as a man because we were very pretty" and we were terrified.  Suddenly there was HUGELY loud thunder and in a matter of seconds the man insisted that we leave before the storm hit.  We didn´t find nuevos... but this storm was definitely a tender mercy from the Lord protecting us from the "carnal desires" of men!  


I HAVE FLEAS!! I am so disgusted I might cry.  But it is okay because today was a MIRACLE!  First we had Kiosco in the park and we got in trouble with the police.  I was PRAYING that they wouldn´t ask to see my cedula because well.. I don´t have it!  I am still illegal here... hee hee..  

Later we visited Marie from the other day... we taught the Restoration and the spirit was SO STRONG!  Afterwards I asked, "Hermana... would you like to know for yourself if this is true?"  and she said,"Oh I already know it´s true!  And I´m going to be baptized... I just want to be really prepared first."  I just about died..  So we put a datefor November 22.  :) Then she told us the best thing ever...  She said,"  I never dream... but when I do it always happens in real life.  And I´ve dreamt everything that has happened until this moment with you sisters.  The other day I just felt so strongly that I needed to visit (the member.. the day we contacted her)  and now i know why."  What a miracle!! That day.. tuesday.. when we contacted her I was lost!  We had no appts and I didn´t know what to do and then there was that member´s house!  The Lord is truly guiding us to be exactly where he needs us!  The sad thing is that technically... Marie is from a different area :(  But what an experience!  I am so grateful for it!


Today someone told me that they´re not fleas.. just teeny mosquitos.

Today when we left it was raining SO hard!  We had to walk through water up to our knees with our skirts hiked up!!! a Muchacha was filming us on her ipad so maybe I´m on youtube!

We started out not having much success today so we decided to head for 2 cercas.  I felt like we should call Evida... a nuevo that was a reference.. to confirm our appointment with her... but when we called it turned out we didn´t have an appt!  But she was crying... so I told her we would come over right away.  She isn´t interested right now in the gospel... but this daughter of God needed someone to share a message of peace with her.. And so we did!  Then we had nothing.  nothin.  So I said ok.  We are going to talk to the FIRST person we see!  So we did!  And she invited us into her house!  Her name is Mariella.. she is a 20 somethin year old that just so happens to be searching for the church with COMPLETE truth :)  She says she knows it isn´t a coincidence that we found her because she was walking one direction... then "something" told her to stop and turn around... so she started walking the opposite direction.  And there we were!  This is the Lord´s hand at work!  Also after that... there is this investigator that we only taught once and didn´t think she was very interested and weren´t going to return... but after the experience with Mariella she called us to offer us food and cake... of course we said yes!  She has a husband and a baby.... ETERNAL FAMILY POTENTIAL HERE!! We were overjoyed... right now they are not too interested in our message but are very polite and listen.  They did voice that they don´t agree with all things catholic so there is potential!  I am PRAYING to find a family to baptize before my six month mark so that in a year I can go through the temple with them for their sealing!


Ah man.  Today was rough. Not much success.  We visited an alcoholic whose 20-yr-old son is in jail for killing someone while on drugs.  I just kept thinkin about my mom.. her great example for me.. and where I am right now with my twenty years... How great a difference!  I am forever grateful for the principles of the gospel... the teachings and examples of my parents.  This world is SO awful.  Every day here in Costa Rica I learn that more.  I have seen first hand the effects of Satan on the family... the way it impacts you when your don´t have the gospel... what happens to a recent convert or even a member when they stop reading the scriptures or praying or going to church... family and friends these things are of the MOST importance!  We may think it is little... but the minute we stop praying.. reading the scriptures.. and giong to church.. we give Satan the chance to enter in.  And beleive me... I am seeing the destruction he can cause!! Don´t let him in!  Do all you can to conquer him!  Never ever quit the little things and ESPECIALLY do all you can to strengthen your marriage and your family!  Please!  I love you all so much and am ETERNALLY grateful for this gospel.  I KNOW it is true and it is ONLY through these principles and we live in such happiness!  I love you all... thank you mom and dad for blessing me with this church!  

I hope you all have the best week ever.  I will too.  :)  PURA VIDA!

Love, Hermana Cook

This fruit is very stange but delicious!

Maika Walters is in a Mormon Message!!

I LOVE Hermana Bratt!!

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