Semana Diecisiete: Changes and such

Well Hola familia!! I´m sure you are all just dying to know the latest in the saga de la misión..  Bueno.  Voy a decirles.  


Last Monday... President called me right after emails.  He called us into the office and my sweet comp cried the WHOLE way there that she didn´t want to go home.  She just laid on my shoulder and cried.  In the office she kept laying on my shoulder and just talked and talked about her whole experience in the mission.  And said defiantly that she will NOT go home.  And I prayed and prayed and PRAYED that she could just feel peace when President tells her and that she can know it is the right thing!  Por fin it was her turn for the interview and when she came out she just sobbed in my arms and said " I feel so much peace.  I know this is the right thing."  IT was a DIRECT answer to my prayers!  So we went home and we packed for her while she rested.. then Tuesday....


Hermana Betancourt se fue a las 3 en la mañana.  After that Hermana Garner stayed with me for the day.  We visited a Menos activo Sandra... a Recen Converso Julia... Mas Recen Conversos Josefina y Mario... Investigador Fernando... y Investigadora Paola.  Then we got the call that manaña I will be alone with a MINI MISSIONARY!! This is a member that will be my comp until cambios.  So then on Wednesday...


My FIRST day alone without a senior comp.  My mini mish is named Flor and she is 19 and just the cutest.  I barely know the area so today was a challenge but all is well!  EVERY plan I had made fell through and we only had one lesson.... then called three marc por teléfono para tener mas... not very successful day but Hey.  I´m learning.  


Today was much better!  We ended up with EIGHT lessons today!  Two nuevos!  We taught Daniel just the first two principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ... we are feeling pretty bad because his baptismal date is this Saturday and he told us he doesn´t feel prepared... which is true because he is missing LOTS of lessons because he isn't home for us to teach him much...


Today our lideres de zona called and said they´d come to a lesson with Daniel with us to help him make the decision to be baptized.  I felt so bad when I told them that he really isn´t prepared because we haven´t taught him everything!  With these days in the house it was tricky.  But no excuses.  So ALL day I was so worried and I studied and studied how to prepare investigators for baptism and there are LOTS of things that I´m going to be changing this time around!!!  We decided to call him and have a lesson por telefono and we taught him... almost everything haha.  Then gave a mini entrevista and he saw that actually he is ready and bam.  We had a baptism planned.  So the elders interviewed him and we scrambled to organize the baptism!


BAPTISM!!!  Of Daniel!  He is 16 and wants to serve a mission :)  It was a beautiful baptism!! Then we taught Julia, Ana arauz (actually she said she was too busy so I asked if we could just have a prayer with her and I prayed aaaaaall about prophets and the apostasy and how we are so blessed to have prophets and their role and everything... very long.. then said amen and invited her to women´s conference... she didn´t come but hey... we had a lesson in a prayer!) and Jendry.. then had women´s conference!  I LOVED IT!  Well I think so... it was all in spanish but I think I understood the gist of it!!


Today... man.  Melani STILL didn´t come for her confirmation.. Daniel si.  We decided to work in areas other than Dos Cercas but it was POURING rain and I didn´t know my way around and there was not a soul in the streets.  So we had little success..... like... none... Ha.  But that´s okay... still learning... Today I was supposed to receive a call about cambios but I didn´t get anything so I´m assuming a new senior comp is just coming to be with me.


PSYCH!  Nope.  No senior comp.  In fact.... bueno.  Today I officially finish my trianing.  And.... Ladies and gents.... this Wednesday.. I will become a TRAINER!!   Whaaaaaaaat.  It is shocking.  I am quite unqualified.  But as I said to Katelin... this morning I studied 1 nefi 17 which nefi is commanded to build a ship.  I feel like him.... like Satan is attacking me like Laman and Lemuel with comments like "HA!  You think you can train?' You barely know spanish!! You´re crazy!!"  But man... I´m responding powerfully like nephi in versículos 49-51... "The lord has called me to do this!  He has worked all kinds of miracles and has ALL power!  And if he has such great power... how is it that he can´t call me to do this thing??"  I know that I can do it through him!! I know that he (as it says in verse... I think...36?)  will be my light in the wilderness and prepare the way for me and if we keep the commandments he will lead us to the promised land!!!  How crazy.  but I know I can do it with the power of the Lord!  

Keep praying for me... thank you for all the prayers and love and support!! I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!  

Love always, Hermana Cook

Me and my Mini-Mish for the week - Flor

Daniel's Baptism

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