Semana Dieciseis: Trickiest week yet

Hola One and All!  

You know... some weeks in the mission are just the best... and others are really hard.  Unfortunately, this week was one of the trickiest yet.  But no worries... there´s always a little sunshine to be found!  


We had our district meeting and the district leader asked ME to give the capacitación next week!  Only him and the especialistas do that!  So ya know.  I´m pretty nervous.


Yesterday and this morning I felt exhaaaausted.  I just felt a lot of stress and responsibility and this burden with things that are going on here.  This morning I prayed and prayed and praaaaayed that the Lord would take my burden... with complete faith in Alma 7:11-13... and literally right after the prayer my burden was made light.  I physically felt lighter and just a relief and paz.  I am so grateful for the power of the Atonement to be able to help us through whatever challenge we are facing!

Also today I bore a WAY powerful testimony of Missionary Work to Jefferson.. our Nine year old recent convert.  I LOVE to feel the spirit testify through me.  It is one of my favorite parts of being a missionary!


I woke up this morning having dreamt of me and my companion in Los Dorados... we NEVER go to this part of our area.  But all day I couldn´t get it out of my head!  After a long unsuccessful day we went to the church to pray.  I felt strongly we should go to this part of our area.. but my comp thought we should visit a nearby Menos Activo... which is good... but we already have almost all our menos activos and not a single nuevo!!!  So off we went to find this person in Los Dorados that the Lord has prepared.  And we found him!!! Marcos!  He works on a ship or something so we really can´t teach him much... but we taught a whole lesson in the street and gave a book of mormon and it was great!  I know the Lord´s hand is in every part of this mission and He is truly guiding us to His children that need the gospel!

Also today I wore two different shoes.  How Silly Hermana Cook!

Okay unfortunately that´s about all the sunshine.  And I aint gonna share the blues.  In the words of Nephi..... It sufficeth me to say that my companion is unwell and we could not leave the house for three days.  She will be going home today...  And so my future is pretty unsure!  We have one week more before changes... one week more of my training... And I´m out of a comp :)  But I know my Father in Heaven knows exactly what is going on.  He is very away of the situation and will help me and my companion!! Please send prayers our way!!

The church is true.  It´s as simple as that.  The way isn´t always easy.... in fact it hardly ever is.  But it is worth it.  And I know it from experience :)  Thank you all for the love and support and the prayers.  I am incredibly grateful for all of you!!!  Love you all!

Hermana Cook

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