Semana Trece: I Love Being a Missionary


Yesterday in planning we both felt strongly that we were going to find a family of five... So that was our focus today!  First we had a lesson with the son of a Menos Activo- who is also Menos Activo, Juan.  Then with Hermana Julia... then Mario... then NADIE.  So Hermana B asked me where I felt we should go and I felt so strongly to go to this one place but I had no idea where it was.  So I said, "Where is La Esperanza?" and she said "I FELT we should go there too!!!" So off we went! We "Hupe! Buenas"ed every single door/gate and....... nadie.  So an hour or so later we went to this little corner to pray and felt we should hupe buenas the corner.  POR FIN we found this woman who said she reads the bible every day for an hour but doesn´t feel like she has found the right church yet!  We had a powerful lesson with her... then skipped around in the POURING rain (it has rained every day this week-hthe most since I got here!)  It feels so good to follow the spirit and teach the gospel!!


Today we had a multi zone conference that was AMAZING with Presidente.  I have SO much to improve.... much work to be done!! Mostly it was on improving our teaching skills and working more effectively.  Then for the last part of it a health specialist came to teach us about... health.  My goodness he taught us about bugs I had NO idea existed and I WISH I didn´t know existed!! In my BED!  Aaaaaaaaaaaa so gross.  Also he gve us a list of things our cooks have to be feeding us and said we should make menus with our cooks and even go shopping with them!  We are considering dropping Mary Jane and changing cooks... We had a delicious lunch here that was like THANKSGIVING!! pumpkin pie and all!! Then we had a great lesson with a little girl name Melani who is SO smart.  We gave her a little sticky note with the question ¿Dios es la iglesia verdadera? with the commitment to pray.  She is so cute!!


I was sick ALL night.  In the bathroom non stop.  Not fun.  Then after studies... Hermana B was sick too!!!!!  We were cracking up that both of us are sick.  We went to Grama´s to eat and tried to hint that we need a new cook... hoping she´d oblige.  Nope.  darn.  But she did give us chocolate cake!! Two slices that were HUGE!! Now remember that we are both quite ill.... so afterwards we sprinted to the chapel to use the bathroom haha... then we called the nurse and she cracked up when we told her because THE WHOLE MISSION is sick!! Including Presidente and the health specialists!!  Aparently that yummy thanksgiving dinner at the Conferencia wasn´t quite right haha.... How ironic that we were at a conference on our health and we all got sick!  ha.  Later we had a lesson with Maritza, the mom of Melani from yesterday.  She commited to live the palabra de sabiduria and is so prepared for her baptism!  Then her daughter Melani gave me the sticky note we had given her yesterday and on it she had written in big letters "SI".  Oh my goodness I wanted to die!  What an amazing experience!  She said she prayed and knows it´s true and feels so good!! How amazing! More lessons no time to tell about them!


Today MAry Jane told us she is starting to work and can no longer be our cook!!!! Oh man!!! Haha... but now we actually have a problem because we don´t have a cook....... Today we had a lesson with MAritza!!  .... but it was actually really bad because we brought this member that´s a little psycho and Maritza and her husband started fighting about divorce in front of us and then left us to fight in their bedroom and the member walked right in to their room to yell with them.......... it was awful and now Maritza wants time to think before we teach her again :( :( Also today we started classes de Ingles!!!!  It was fun! Jesus teaches with me and he was WAY serious and kinda mean when the children didn´t say something right and so I got all super energetic and cheered and man I was fun.  haha.  


We really need nuevos.  Today we taught FIVE MARC... menos activo y recen converso... y nada mas.  Enserio we need nuevos!!  Our numbers weren´t the best this week but I truly feel I progressed in my ways!! Always happy never satisfied!


I made a "Sunday lunches with the Missionaries!" pass along thing and wrote out when our birthdays were and wrote a note to thank them for their service and that we love them and food too!  I feel hilarious.  Only had three lessons... wasted quite a bit of time... we have LOTS to improve on.  It is tricky to put all my ideas and solutions I have into practice!  But this week I´m gonna do it!!  Watch out Costa Rica!  The gospel is comin your way!!!

Well there you go.  A super brief update of the week.  I love you all and I LOVE being a missionary.  The church is seriously true.  Go serve!!!!  Go share your testimony!!! What are you guys doing to help the missionaries??? Feed them!  Go to visits with them!! Let them bring investigators to our house!! I would give anything to have a FAMILY that has a beautiful house that is filled with a spirit to teach investigators with!!!! Are you giving them referencias??? Go through your facebook friends and pray about someone to introduce the missionaries to!  You will be SO happy because there is NOTHING better than teaching the gospel!!! I love you all and I am so grateful for all your prayers and love!!! I feel like I had something important to say but I can´t remember.  So just know I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!  

Hermana Cook

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