Semana Doce: Nobody's Perfect

Well Hooooola!! Are you all so happy because I replied to everyone that emailed me right away this week??????  Progress, verdad????  Next week I´ll reply to all that email me right away AND those that are still waiting patiently for a reply from years ago!!!! Ha. Man I´m sorry.  Okay let´s get down to business to defeat the huns shall we?


I think I talked a lot bout this day last week... Hmna Pizza left us.  So sad but it´s great to have to participate more!!!
We had to go to San Jose TWICE today so we didn´t have any time to buy food..... this is gonna be a good week!  :)


We had a lesson today with Hermana Julia (Recent Convert) and her daughter was there with us.  We taught about faith and her daughter ws just SOBBING!  She has never been open to listening to us so it was pretty great.   Then we had a lesson with David and he said he wants to wait a YEAR to get baptized.  We promised him (quite boldly) that if he commits to stop everything and gives everything to the Lord, he can be prepared to be baptized this saturday.  Wow.  All day I was told we would be doing divisions so I was SO nervous because I would have to take one of the new sisters (oh ya.. all the new sisters arrived and are staying in our house and also all the sisters that are leaving are staying there so it is craaaaaazy) out on my own!!! SO SCARY!  But finally I was so ready and had so much faith and was depending on the Lord!  Then they said I didn´t have to anymore.  Haha oh well.


Today we got to go to President´s house for the breakfast with the newbies.  We got there early to help with the food and I made AAAAALL the pancakes.  There were literally a bajillion.  She sent you a pick mama, did you get it????  Whilst flipping pancakes, we received a text from David which said he had prayed and decided he wanted to be baptized on Saturday!!!! What a miracle!!!!!!!!!!  After president´s house we were SO motivated.  He wants us to have 50 progressing investigators each this month!  Wowza.  So to work we went!  We started a fast and started completely working on faith... praying frequently to know where to go and what to do!  .... then we had ZERO lessons ha.  Finally we had one with Ana Munoz who is WONDERFUL and seems pretty golden.  Then no lessons again...... so we called every LPE H. Betancourt has ever done and FINALLY we got this woman to answer and she invited us over and turns out she lives right up the street from where we were!!  We taught her whole family and it was greeeat!  Then we did a mini interview with David and he is SO different!  He is super hyper active and is truly crazy, but tonight he was more serious than ever!!  There is seriously so much potential for change through the gospel!


The olds left at 4 in the morning so we were up aaaaall night.  It´s awful.  But finally the house is ours!!  They left BAGS AND BAGS of stuff!  So that´s fun.  I got some new clothes!  But most of it is quite feo.  We were still fasting today and were EXHAUSTED but finally we got to eat lunch with Grama!  and guess what??? Her daughter was there visiting from SANDY, UT!! How loco, verdad???  She feels so bad that we eat with Mary Jane and I think she was offering that we eat with her every day..... :)  Today David had his REAL interview.  Elder Fisher said that at the beginning of the interview.. He thought that David needed more time.  But by the end the spirit confirmed to him that he needed to be baptized this Saturday!! Wow que chiva enserio.  When we got home the lock was backwards on our door.... which made us think some hermanas were there... but the lady that owns the house said no one came which is weird.  Then we heard our water turning on and off down stairs and got a little freaked out haha :) All is well no worries.  


I was sooo ready to talk to everyone today and have a million LPES! ... I ended the day with five.  Grr I was so frustrated.  We had a lesson with Maritza and her daughter Melani... wow it was amazing!  We set firm baptismal dates and Melani asked if she could be baptized sooner!  Ha!  Lesson with David again... continuing to change!  There´s this woman on the street that we have seen like five times and today she cried to us saying she has been searching for God.  So we of course set an appt for that night.  We called her twice and she said she was on her way... but she never came.  It was sad.  Then we showed up at Jancy´s house and she was crying saying that her husband thinks she cheated so he is kicking her and the kids out and they have no whre to go!  It is so sad.  We were able to share a scripture and comfort her.  We had a pooowerful lesson with Paola.  I bore such testimony of the book of mormon it shocked me!  :)  I know that book is true!!!  Our numbers are SO off this week.  we are NINE lessons away from the mission standards and 60 LPES off... yikes.  


I read my missionary vision today and decided to just start picking things to become.  I think it´s working!! Today I was aaaalways happy and didn´t complain ha :) We went to a YW activity at the church.  It was beautiful!  I thought you might like to see it mama.  All over the world the YW of the church are learning these values!   It´s great.  BAPTISM DAY!!!!  David was great.  He was so excited that he posted it to Facebook immediately.... hahaha.  Then we had a lesson with Jesus...  It was tragic.  He told us all our flaws and the things he hates about our teaching.  He pointed out quite a few of my weaknesses and finally I stopped him and tearfully said, "I am so sorry, Jesus.  I am not perfect!  I have many weakness and it is heartbreaking to me to see that my weaknesses can influence your faith.  I don´t have all the knowledge in the world but I DO have a testimony.  I know this church is true and I hope you can remember that witness you once received too!"  or something like that... then we went home and sobbed.  I feel so much blame for what happened with him and his family!  I have so many weaknesses.. and I can barely talk!  I know that overall, I this is HIS work and HE won´t let us fail.. but I do know that my teaching skills and speaking skills have an impact on the effectiveness of the work and the understanding of our investigators!  Also, our numbers were AWFUL this week which I didn´t get because we worked so hard and increased our dependance on the Lord tenfold!  But still, I am ready to DOUBLE my efforts and give all I´ve got to this work!!!

Two things... today is Leslie´s birthday!! Everyone send her an email!

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATELIN this week!! I love you!!!!

Also. there is mold on my magic norwex deoderant.  It is truly magic!  Anyone know how to get rid of the mold?? 


Hermana Cook
Stake YW Activity. Mary Jane is in the middle.

Stake YW Virtue Activity.

Decorated for lunch.

David's baptism. He's really never serious.

That's more like it!

Jesus' birthday party.

Love the kids! This is baby Ariel.

Jesus' birthday.

Making tons of pancakes at the mission home!

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