Semana Quince: Viva Costa Rica Pura Vida

Hola Familia!!!  It´s me!  Hermana Cook!  Remember me?  

Well this week was just dandy.  Started with..


Today was super weird because it wasn´t PDAY!  We still got to write home.. but pday will be Wednesday due to the fact that we get to go to the TEMPLE!! Wahoo!  Today we had a lesson with a Menos Activo named Rasheed.  Then Noche de Hogar with Fernando with the Relief Society president and her family.  They live in the nicest house I´ve been in in Costa Rica.  Hey all of you!  These Family nights are the BEST!  IT´s just the greatest when a member can teach a lesson and show through example the blessings of the gospel for these investigators.  They can ask questions and learn from someone other than us!  I think yáll should call the missionaries and offer to have an investigator come over for Family Night or even just a lesson in our house.  I would loooove to have a family like ours in a home like ours filled with the spirit that is willing to help!


Today we had Reunion de Distrito... President had us change district leaders so now we are with Elder Ballan.  Then we taught Julia, Josefina y Mario (all three of them are recen conversos)  Then we taught Joselin and John who are of the familia Arauz that we found last week.  Then we got permiso for the baptism of Melani!  The little girl that wrote "si" the church is true after she prayed!  Her mom still doesn´t want anything to do with us.  Then we had Correlacion... Oh also H.  Betancourt is sick with strep and we had to go to the doc :( 


Today we woke up at three to go to the temple!  Hermana Julia came with us to do baptisms for the first time (the zone leaders told us we could bring recent converts) but when we got there... they told us that baptisms don´t open until 9!  Two hours later!  Poor Julia.  She is so patient.  So we went ahead to the session and just prayed she´d be able to do baptisms!  I did a whooooole session in SPANISH ladies and gents!  How great.  I love the temple so much.  The people here always say "we are so blessed to live so close to a temple and we don´t go as much as we should!"  Ya they live SO close to a temple.... only two or three hours on a bus.  You guys.  WE are so blessed to have A BAJILLION temples so close.  GO!!  Go often!  Then we had our real PDAY so I journaled and my comp slept :)  THen we had a lesson with a family of Menos Activos- Laura, Esteban, Dylan, and Andres.  They are great!  Their house is WAY nice and it´s like right in the middle of the crappy houses.  So weird.  Then we taught Valery with John Paul (Recen Converso 9 year old with her 10 year old cousin) and Fernando (her dad).


Today we prayed and felt like we should push the baptism of Melani for this Sunday.  (Daughter of Arturo and Maritza... the couple that fought in front of us and now the mom doesn´t want anything to do with us..Melani is the one who wrote "Si" on the little sticky note saying she knows the church is true!)  IT doesn´t feel like she will have support from her parents and she is only 9... we don´t want to rush it and feel we should wait for more support and strength from her parents.  Then we taught Christian (hijo de Hermana Julia), Melani (little girl), David (recen converso) and Victor (Menos Activo) and then had Consejo de Barrio.


Today we had cake with Grama Nuria!  Hermana Betancourt is way sick!  after lunch we got a call from Arturo... he said he was out buying shoes for Melani´s baptism on Sunday!! Woops... guess we are still having a baptism!!! So we scrambled to get things ready!  We taught him and Melani, Jendry (an investigator... the mom of Jeferson who was my first baptism... not married so no baptism date), Familia Arauz... but really just Rebecca and Daniel because apparently Dayana doesn´t want to listen anymore and has forbidden Joselin to talk to Daniel because of it :(  After the lesson Daniel said "So what do I have to do to serve a mission?"  Haha we were like wooooow okay!  Be baptized!  :)  He is almost 17.  


Today we had lunch with Hermana Julia, had a mini interview with Melani, then her real interview while we taught Arturo, Then we had noooothin.  It was POURING rain again (ha. I live in Costa Rica).  And all our appointments fell.  So we visited members, menos activos, and contacted some referencias.  The sad thing is that this is our first week ever without a new investigator.... it´s pretty bad.  something is missing from our work and we´ve gotta fix it!!  


Hermana B´s birthday!  I woke up at 5:30 to make her a card... then we went to 2 cercas to wake up all our investigators and take them to church.  We had 9 people in the capilla!  Then we had a baptism!!! MELANI!  It was beautiful!  She is so eager to learn more and come closer to Christ!  I pray that her family can too!  Then we had Kiosco in the park and I did 21 LPEs!  Since tomorrow is a holiday... NO ONE was in their house.  Everyone goes to the park or their schools to light lanterns!  But it was pouring rain so I don´t know how they did it.  At night Antonietta (hermana in the ward) texted us saying she made banana pancakes and hot chocolate for herm B :)  So nice.  I feel pretty awesome.  I´m participating equally in lessons and doing LPEs.. I can do this!  I´ve got the Lord on my side!


Happy fourth of July!!! EVERYTHING was closed.  Sorry no internet :)  It was tragic really.  This morning at 5 we were woken up to a parade in the streets and people yelling "VIVA COSTA RICA PURA VIDA!!!" Haha they´re loco.  But I sure am lucky to be living here and serving as a missionary!! I love it!

Notes:  Kate... in ward counsel they were talking about how phones are a problem with the youth and I was thinking... man my sister is awesome.

Dad.... I have a recent convert... Pamela mama de Valery... that was asking about a scripture she read in the bible that talks about Giants.  I remember before the mission in SUnday school you were talking about that... could you direct me to where I can study to learn more about the Giants? :)

Todos... Do FHE with the missionaries... go to the temple.... read the Book of Mormon from the BEGINNING with the first page... intro... and all.  IT´s awesome.  

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! I am so grateful to be a missionary!!

Hermana Cook

With Hermana Julia at the Temple

Me and Hermana B

Melani's baptism

Sister B's birthday

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