Semana Veintiocho: It is practically Utah

Hola todos!!! The big email this week once again is not so big... this week has been crazy.  It feels like about three monhts in one week!  I didn´t have time to write in my journal a single day and well... now i don´t remember what happened jaja!  

Basically I love the area.  I did mention that it is richer than Gravilias... but really there are parts just like Dos Cercas... and there are parts much nicer... that´s basically Costa Rica for you.  Shacks and mansions all together!  I do have to tell you all that I am ashamed I made such a fuss at the beginning of my mission about how different it is here... seriously it is practically Utah.  It is practically the same.  The bugs aren´t bad and it isnt that dirty or different.  Costa Rica is one of.. if not THE... nicest countries in central america... it is really nice and I love it a lot.  It is practically Utah.

We are so close to the airport.  One part of the area is literally so close you can feel the  planes passing!  We are starting to recognize certain planes for their sounds and have our favorites. 

My new calling is great!  We get to know all of the sisters and I pray a lot to know how I can help them!! I love the work.  Truly!!

One thing I love love love love love is that the people here are just as amazing as the people in Desamparados... After some time in Desampa... the people started to remind me of the people I love in Utah.  Now the people here remind me of the people I love in Desampa!  No matter where we go... all are children of God.  ALL need the gospel.  All have amazing qualities and I am so blessed to be able to get to know so many people.  

Christmas is fast approaching!!  I will give many more details of the current investigators and things in a few days when we skype!!  I have actually been praying a lot to know how this skype call can be a spiritual uplifting experience for us all.  I love you all and am so so so so so excited to talk to you!! Thank you for your prayers and love.  FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!

Love, Hermana Cook

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