Semana Vienticinco: I am NEVER leaving!!

What an amazing week here in the mission field... I absolutely love it y'all.  I LOVE IT!  I am so grateful to be here and for all the experiences I am having... good and bad... I am especially grateful to be part of the conversion of algunas almas.. I love the people here.  I just LOVE THEM!  The members... the menos activos... the investigators... the random people.  I am just so blessed to be here and I am sorry but I am NEVER leaving!! My date to go home is one year exactly from yesterday.... but I'm afraid I won't be going.  Perhaps the next Thanksgiving will be here in my home :)


Today I learned that y'all have a life other than worrying about me jaja.  With the babies and Disneyworld and everything that was going on at home... not many people could write me.  But you know what I am grateful for it!  I realized that you all love me and pray for me and think of me, but that you've got other things to love and to pray for and to think of.  And I do too!  So this week I started putting all I've got into the work and try to not think about my family.. and I have grown to love the work even more!  My mission call states that I should dedicate all my thoughts and efforts to the working placing all personal things in second place.  And as I strive to be obedient to that I am feeling MORE love for the mission... and even more love for my beautiful family!!  

Today we had FHE with Marlon.  They are just the greatest and he is fijo fijo para bautizarse este Sábado! 

Then we headed to another FHE with another member family that had a referencia for us.. named Israel.  He is 14 years old and says he wants to serve a mission!  He has already been to church 5 times and can possibly be baptized very soon!


Last night some crazy things happened in this country but all is well and I am safe.  Remind me to tell you about it all when I am home.  

And then more things happened.... let's just say that the world is WICKED and I broke down crying in the street because I just hate sin and I hate wickedness and I feel so much sorrow for the sins of the world.. Why can't they understand that if they would just keep the commandments they could avoid all this??

Then we visited Daniel and put a new baptismal date with him for the 30th... the Sunday after his 3rd time at church.  He is so great and is someone that we KNOW will be a real convert for life!

Then we found some nuevos and visited Ricky y Ester... where we learned about MORE wickedness in the world.  I hate Satan.


Today was GREAT!  We had a multi zone conference all day and received incredibly great counsel from President.  During the conference I experienced another little miracle that testified to me that my Heavenly Father knows me and is aware of my circumstances.. AND that President is so in tune with the Spirit that he knows too!  During the lunch break, Sister Wilkinson came up to me and asked "President wants to know if you feel safe in your area hermana.  He felt like we should ask."  Wow.  How did he know that for the first time I was actually feeling scared and unsafe in my area? (tranquila mama todo bien.  I'm competely safe.  I'm just a worrier.) I told her everything that has been going on and she said "are you exactly obedient" "yes of course!" "Then just have faith and the Lord will protect you!" and that he has surely done.  Nothing more has happened and I feel so much peace and safety here in my beautiful area of Gravilias.  I know that the Lord is aware of me and that President knows me too!

Also we had a miracle where we visited Israel and he accepted a baptismal date for the 29th of November!!!  The Lord really IS going to give us these four baptisms this month! The number that we fasted and prayed for!  Israel, Marlon, Daniel (even though he will be confirmed next month) and possibly Mariana!  What miracles I am experiencing!

(oh ya.  The zone leaders lied when they said that the 29th doesn't count.  It does)


Today was awful.  Hermana Garcia had to get her cedula so we were in the office until SEVEN at night!!  It felt awful.  Which is a sign to me that I am changing in at least one way!  I WANT to work!  I don't like wasting time relaxing... I want to be out in the sun working!!  It was fun though to spend time with my mission friends.  But a waste :)  

We visited Israel.. he is still set for his Baptism!! Now we just have to keep praying and fasting that his mom will sign the permission slip....

Also there is a rumor that all the newbies and their trainers wont have transfers this change.  That means I will have at least 8 months in Gravilias... almost half my mission!  But that's okay.  I like it here... I LOVE it for the people :)  And I will go where you want me to go Dear Lord and work with all I've got wherever that is!


Today we had lunch with Isabel again... it's SO great.  Seriously.  I LOVE HER!  THen we searched for Mariana.. she wasn't there.  Margarita and Rodriga weren't home either.  So we stopped by a house we knocked the other day named Scarlett and Rosa.  The buses in front of the house were so loud and we had to shout to teach.. it was awful.. they didn't accept a baptismal date.. Then Hermana Julia... we heard abuot even more wickedness in the world... Then Israel wasn't there either so we headed to Marlon's.  His ex-wife convert menos activa was there and we invited her to pray and she started sobbing.  We spent the next hour helping her with the process of repentance and realizing that she is worthy to pray to her loving Heavenly Father.  I love how the Lord guides us to who really needs us... even if they aren't of our area or an investigator or anything... they are children of Him that need to feel His love for them!  Then we started a lesson with Marlon... and... well... his cat started screaming and he ran into the street yelling for help searching for a clinic and then... well.. it died.  The ticos REALLY love their animals.  Really.  So we went home.  What a day!  :)


Another great day!!  We visited Marlon... he had been crying and sleeping all day mourning the death of the cat.  But he is still going strong for his baptism in one week from today!  We fasted this week with him and his whole family that por FIN he can have the strength to change and be baptized!  Then we visited Ana Munoz.  She started a new store on her front pa tio (they do that a lot here.  I think dad would like it) and I bought a backpack that is really pretty... because my other one ripped completely and I have been carrying my things.  Then two hours later  it ripped too.  Then we went to visit Hermana Julia and put a baptismal date with ther nieto- Jerson.  He has 11 anos I think and is addicted to his phone but he is great and Julia prays CONSTANTLY that all her family can accept the gospel.  Then we searched for Mariana... and she accepted to be baptized the 29th!!! Truly a miracle and the will of God!  Finally we visited Margarita.  She says she will be going to a different church this sunday to see how it is and that she didn't like our church because she likes the yelling clapping screaming atmosphere of the evangelicas.  Meh.  But I LOVE the mission!


Today only Marlon Daniel and Mario came to church.  At 11 we left and ran to the house of Mariana to help her come.  Then Hermana Garcia pushed the baby in the back in the stroller the whole time so Mariana could actually listen :) Israel wasn't there because he was visiting family, but he already has more then three times in the chapel.  During church, we announced all 4 baptisms.. three on saturday and one on sunday... and afterwards marlon said he was going to be baptized on sunday with daniel so he wasn't alone.. nooo!!! That means we will only have 2 confirmations... and we know our inspired goal was 4!! So i ran out and called the zone leaders and they said To just baptize all four on Saturday even though Daniel doesn't have 3 times in the capilla and that he would talk to the assistants... Later we learned that President had decided that day that it was okay to baptize after 2 times so looks like we've got pretty good faith :)  So on Saturday we will have FOUR baptisms!! The fruits of our labor and faith at last!


In one year exactly from today I will be on a plane home.  It is so weird to think about!  And I'm actually a little sad already.  Today I was sad just thinking about leaving Gravilias.. and it isn't the place itself.. I don't really like the scenery of the dirty city... it's the PEOPLE!  I LOVE the members.. the converts.. the investigators.. the fish men we pass every morning.. the internet man Gustavo.. the milkshake lady.. the bakers from our favorite bakery.. the checker at the grocery store... EVERYONE!  I LOVE it and NEVER want to leave.  Well actually I kind of want a change of scenery... but don't want to leave the people!!  

Toady we visited Marlon... he is still going strong... and Daniel... he is so ready too!!  Then we headed to visit Israel but his mom said he wasn't there... and I am afraid she is plotting against his baptism.... pray that her heart will be touched and that she will have the desire to sign the papers so he can be baptized!!

And today here I am.  Writing y'all on a Tuesday because writing day has been permanently changed to Tuesday.... In our district meeting this morning we were asked to share how we have so much faith to really complete with this inspired goal of the Lord.  I know that this was a goal inspired of Him and that with His help we can do ANYTHING He wants!  I love this work.  I LOVE it!  And am so grateful to be here this week.. also I am so grateful for my amazing family and all your love and prayers.  Happy Día de Acción de Gracias!!! I love you ALL!

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