Semana Treinta: Feliz Navidad

I am getting really bad at managing my time on emails... I´m already almost out of time and I have 60 pictures to send!!

So briefly... it was SO NICE to see you all and talk to you all for Christmas!!!  It´s so nice to just know that all is well at home and then focus again in the work!  :)  

EASTON... this week a parrot came and bit my foot!!!

DAD... how do you explain how people have experiences of being healed by people... that don´t have the priesthood?

MOM... Happy Happy birthday!!! I love you!!! In Costa Rica... if it is your birthday they break an egg on your head.... so everyone do that to mom!  :)

This week was miraculous!! Natalia got home from her vacation on Saturda... her fecha baptismal was for Sunday..... we hadn´t had time to teach her practically anything.  She had read ALL the pamphlets on her trip and prayed about them all... so we went to visit her and she had a testimony of all of them and we held a mini interview and she was prepared for all the questions!  So we went through with it and she was baptized on Sunday the 28th as a birthday present to my mom! Ha. The best part was that her husband... Ronney... was there.  He had been drinking all morning.  At the end of the baptism he told the bishop "I need to do this too... I need to be baptized... And I want you to baptize me" and they hugged and is was great.  But then he left the baptism and drank again.  :(  He´s got a rough weakness but I KNOW he can change!!!!! It just might take some time.... but Natalia will be there to help him!  And we will too!!!

I love you all so much.  I wish you a FELIZ NAVIDAD y PROSPERO AÑO Y FELICIDAD!!! We will talk soon!  pictures coming hopefully!


I invited this little girl to sing with us

We have the same skirts

New District

Friends from La Paz

More La Paz

Hermana Davidson

Mi Hija


Hermana Wilkinson



Old District

La Paz

Ronney, Natalia, Obispo Morales

Y sus dos chiquitos Ian y Isaac

We forgot the plug at the bottom

Missionaries can't be in water

Check out that foot tan line

Christmas Day

Cookies. . . every ingredient is different here

I was really happy

Our Christmas Tree


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