Semana Vientisiete: My First Transfer

Hola Familia y Amigos!! Les quiero montón!  I´m so happy to hear that everyone is doing well... minus the trips to the ER and all those sickies... I sure love you all and pray for you often!!

Well.  This week was a doozy.  Because of unforseen events which I will soon disclose... I do not have my journal with me or my old planner.. so I can´t remember what happened all week jaja.  But I will do my best to just fill you in with the most important things...

This week it was difficult to not think about Cambios.  Hermana Garcia and I worked really hard to act like they didn´t exist... because who knows what would happen!  If I didn´t have cambios... I would have almost 9 months in Gravilias.  Half my mission!  Which is okay if that´s what the Lord wants!  :)  So we just worked our little buns off.  

Then Sunday came along.... the day that change calls come... and I was just a little ball of anxiety (why do we have that in our family???)  Part of me wanted a change... a change of scenery... new people... new experiences... and part of me NEVER wanted to leave Gravilias.  I LOVE that ward.  I love so many things abou that little place and especially the people.  So I knew that whatever happened with changes would be okay.  We headed to help at ward choir... I am trying to use my talents to help the ward :)   I play the piano and also teach them to lead music and give a few tips and opinions :)  They have a lot of spirit :)  (but Christmas music here is dumb.  That´s okay though) :)  Anyway... they all asked me.. "Hermana Cook, when are changes?? maybe we won´t have a pianist!" We said that changes were today but that we 
hadn´t heard anything.  Then a sister in the ward whose son is serving here said that her son already got change calls so they are probably over and I am staying!! We all cheered and hugged.  Then my comp looked at the phone.  "We missed a call from Zona!!".. the whole ward gasped (quite dramatic right??) 

So we left the room to call them back... and sure enough.... I have cambios!!!! I am being sent to Tejar, Alejuela.. but not only that... I have been assigned as an Hermana Especialista (Sister Training Leader or a Zone Leader for the Hermanas).  I was shocked!! I only have 6 months in the mission!! I don´t know how to be a leader of all the sisters that have way more time than me!  I felt a little similar to the time when I was called to be a Trainer... but this time was different.  This time I felt full of the faith and confidence that if this is what the Lord wants me to do then I absolutely can do it... and I can do it awesomely.  These last three months as a trainer... my faith has grown SO much.  And I am so excited for this new opportunity.  As changes came nearer... I prayed and prayed that Heavenly Father would give me the opprtunity that would change me, help me grow, and learn the most.  I am confident that this is it :)  Here´s to great things in Alejuela!!

When we went back in the room everyone cried and hugged me and told me not to leave.  :(  IT was so sad but really sweet!  I love that ward and have gotten to know so many great people.  But I am sure there are great people in Alejuela too!! :)  

The next day we had to go to the house of President to eat breakfast because our zone reached all our goals this month.  While there... President told me that my Bishop called him and begged him not to take me :)  President told him that while he´d love to let me stay... the Lord wants me elsewhere.  I know that is true and that this is where He wants me!!!  

So now I am here in my new area... Tejar de Alejuela.  My companionS (trio once again!) are Hermana Muñoz (who ends her mission in four weeks... hence the trio... we will be a normal companionship in four weeks) and Hermana Ortiz who has 5 months in the mission... the same as me minus the MTC.  They are great and I´ve already learned SO much from them!

Our house is AMAZING!! We have a couch.  and it is clean!  The area is beautiful.  It is still very cityish.  Even more than Gravilias I think.... but it is a CLEAN city... and the people here are rich.  It´s kind of shocking!  Also the area is like... practically the airport.  So all day and night planes take off soooooooooo close I can see every window!  

I´m a little nervous for this new responsibility... but so grateful for the trust my Father in Heaven and President have in me! And for the chance to grow and change and learn!  I love serving as a missionary and love all of you!!!

Oh ya... a little miracle from my first night in the area... last night was crazy... Hermana Muñoz hadn´t paid the light so we didn´t have any... and our phone died... and our appts weren´t there... so we decided to visit a member but there is only one bus left at that hour and we didn´t know if we would get it.  So we prayed that the bus would pass... we said amen... crossed the street... and the last bus passed at that minute!!! Oh how I love the tender mercies of the Lord!  look for them in your life this week!!

Love you all!!
Love, Hermana Cook

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