Notes on the Spirit

      I have always been one of those who struggle with identifying the spirit.  I confuse my own emotions and thoughts with the promptings of the Holy Ghost.  However, in the past couple of years I've really learned to better understand how the Spirit speaks to me.  Sometimes this is harder when we just don't know the "what if's" for whether or not we follow a prompting.  The biggest thing I've learned is to just DON'T DOUBT!  Just trust!  Trust that the Spirit is protecting you and don't question where the prompting is coming form.  If it is good, it is from God.  So just trust.
     1 Nephi 4:6-7  Say prayers like this, "Heavenly Father, we are going out tracting today.  We don't know where we're going, but we are prepared.  Please guide us."   And then you GO.  Nephi "went and did" because he KNEW the Spirit would guide and protect him.  He would walk into the dark confidently because he had the Spirit.

Who is the Holy Ghost?
John 14:26
D&C 130:22

What is the Purpose of the Holy Ghost?
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Who has Access to the Holy Ghost? (Difference of the Holy Ghost and the GIFT of the Holy Ghost)
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How does the Holy Ghost influence our lives for good?
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Moroni 7:13

When you do good... is it because you're good?  or because God is good?  Give credit where credit is due!  EVERYTHING that is good or enticeth to do good is from God!
Matt 19:16

Hermana Cook

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