Espanol and Teaching by the Spirit

Brother Riggins was a native Spanish speaker, lucky for me.  Here are some tips he gave to help us learn Espanol (and specifically, a Spanish accent) for the mission!

Learning Spanish

  • Memorize scriptures and Articles of Faith is English then in Spanish.  That way you have a solid understanding of their meaning.
  • The vowels in Spanish are ALWAYS the same.  Learn how to pronounce each letter of the alphabet... then practice reading the scriptures in English but with Spanish pronunciation.
  • Read the Spanish Book of Mormon out loud and practice moving your lips a lot really wide.

Effective Tips for Teaching by the Spirit

  • Treasure up wisdom.  The Holy Ghost will bring to your remembrance things that are ALREADY there.
  • In private study, He will reveal new things to you.  But in teaching, you must prepare!
  • PREPARE PREPARE PREPARE.  Then have the confident to leave your notes behind.  (Boyd K. Packer)
  • That doesn't mean "leave it to chance"- PREPARE
  • Pray.  Then read again looking for the things the spirit would have you see that you didn't see before.

Hermana Cook

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