Missionary Work and the Temple

I love the temple.  In this lesson, Brother Riggins taught us why it is so important for missionaries to be endowed before we serve.

Did you ever realize that you can go to the Celestial Kingdom without going on a mission?  You can! BUT you can NOT go to the Celestial Kingdom without going to the Temple.  As a mother, don't prepare your children to go on a mission.... prepare them to go to the temple!  put your emphasis on the covenants we make and how we keep them.  By doing so, our children (and ourselves) will desire to serve the Lord and a mission will come!

In D&C 37, God tells Joseph to move to "the Ohio", but He doesn't really say why.  In D&C 38:32, He starts to reveal the reason:  He is going to give Him His law and will endow him with power from on high in order to save Israel by going forth among all nations.  This is US as missionaries!  In order to save Israel, going forth to all nations, we must be endowed with power from on high.  From the temple we will be told how.  D&C 39 tells us of the blessings... His power will rest upon us and we shall have great faith.  The Lord will be with us and He will go before us.  

These are incredible blessings.  In the temple, we will give thanks and be instructed.  Our understanding will be perfected.  Almost every time the temple is mentioned in the Doctrine and Covenants, it is coupled with missionary work.  There is absolutely NO WAY that little 19-year-old girls and 18-year-old boys fresh out of high school would be able to accomplish all that is required of them on a mission without this endowment, without this power from on high!  Prepare yourself for the temple.  Go to the temple often.  Keep the sacred covenants and know that you have power from God to accomplish the work He has called you to do!!

Hermana Cook

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