Inviting, References, and How to Know Where All the Important Scriptures Are!!!

     Remember how I said we would cover several topics in one lesson?  Ya, this is one of those.  :)    

     Always invite people to do something!  If you just share a message and don't invite, they'll think you are just coming to visit.  Lesson liner:  "Do you like to learn new things?"

     Hebrews 1 is a great missionary scripture!  pg 1521.  Cross Reference it to Amos 3:7


     I don't know about y'all, but I've been really nervous about knowing aaaall the scriptures that are important to know and where to find them.  Bro. Riggins shared some wisdom with me on the topic... If you don't know where to find every scripture (which you most likely won't) then mark your scriptures so THEY are smart even if you aren't :)
  •    In alphabetical order at the beginning of your scriptures, write topics that will be important to cover (go through PMG)
  •    Write at least one solid scripture to use in teaching each topic.  Use that as your "hub scripture".  Try to have a hub scripture from D&C, the Book of Mormon, and the Old and New Testaments.  
  •    Then mark your hub scripture and write a BUNCH of Cross Reference scriptures on each hub scripture.
Example:  Isaiah 1:18... "Okay I want to teach about repentance.  I'm going to go to Isaiah 1:18.  That's my hub.  Then where will I go from there?" etc.

     He also suggested to get a new set of scriptures.  He said that having a new set of scriptures allows the spirit to teach you with no limitations to old markings.  Just a thought :)

Hermana Cook

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