Semana Cincuenta Seis: I love the temple

I poorly managed my time again... Forgive me!! The next week I shall write the big email FIRST.....

Well this week was the BEST WEEK OF MY MISSION... Well, I dont know.  But it was awesome!

On Monday I headed to San Jose to wait for mi hija to come... I was assigned to work two days in... TEJAR!!! I visited some converts... Marco and Faiker... and it just was so incredible to see their progress in these four months and to see that I truly have been able to make a difference in the lives of some people.  What a huge blessing..

Then on Wednesday we went to the TEMPLE!! and did a session!!! How glorious, I hadn´t been in seven months.  I LOVE the temple.  Then on the temple steps we were assigned our hijos.... mi hija es Hermana Santos (de los ultimos días) from Panama!  She is so cute and sweet and SO powerful in sharing the gospel.

We had a good hard week!! updates to come!! I saw monkeys just walking around doing our visits!! I had NEVER NOTICED THEM BEFORE!! spiritual lesson... sometimes there are little wonders in our lives and we never ever notice.  haha.  


Hermana Santos of Panama

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