Semana Cincuenta Quatro: Good-bye President Wilkinson

Hooooola everyone!!! How goes it in Zion?

Well I have had another great week.

Monday we went to San Jose... you heard a bit about that last week.   After we did internet we went to the mall... I went in Forever 21.  It was the weirdest experience I have had in a long time.  My have the styles changed in just 13 months!! It made me so excited yet a little freaked out haha.  It was just weird.  Also I put on a pair of high heels and felt beautiful.  My legs aren't that ugly after all haha.  

Tuesday we had our last Mission Conference in the history of the Mission San Jose Costa Rica.  President Wilkinson gave an INCREDIBLE talk.  He spoke about the 7 spiritual essentials... that if we commit to these seven things we will NEVER be inactive.  We will never face a disciplinary council... etc.  I am not going to share them now because I am preparing an awesome Family Home Evening lesson when I come home :)  It was a great meeting... afterwards President hugged each one of us (even the sisters!) :)  and we all cried and cried.  I told President that he has truly changed my life... and he said he did nothing.. it was all the Lord... but that it was a privilege to be part of it.  I hope you can meet him and Sister Wilkinson soon.  THey are truly INCREDIBLE.  It was fun to see all my friends in the whole mission... Elder Zibin, Macias, Fisher.. Hermana Garcia (mi hija!!!!!!) and Ortiz and Tripp and Davidson and Bratt and everyone.  It was so fun and I love them all.  Now that the misison is split I will probably never see lots of them again! Headed home on the bus and got home around 9:30.

Wednesday... Nothing too exciting.  Did I right about Kaylor before? Well today we met his mom, Denise.  Turns out the missionaries visited her when she was thirteen and she went to a baptism and everything!  It was a great lesson.

Thursday... we taught Lili (the girl that works at the chicken restaurant next door to our apartment).. she had a break at work so we taught her the Restoration... afterwards we invited her to pray to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet and she said, ´´I already believe it.´´ It was so great!  She is 16 and would progress a lot more if she wasn't always working.  If we can help her come to church she will be baptized this month! (July)

Friday we had the interview for Francisco (stepson of Ester that we reactivated through teaching his stepmom)... did I tell you about that last week?  They were going to advance Fran in the priesthood but couldnt find his records... they searched in Salt Lake and never found them... so we had to baptize him again!  My companion and I were thinking... how would it be to return home from the mission and have them say, ´´Sorry, we cant find your records... you need to be baptized again.´´ ah man.  Well I guess this is an example of ´´the church is perfect, the people aren´t´´ Somewhere someone failed to submit his record in the system and for that we had an interview for Fran on Friday.  Meanwhile, we visited with Ester. She is just a rockstar I love her so much.  In her prayer she said, ´´I thank thee, Father, that I know that this is the only true church and that every day it is confirmed more... thank you that Fran can be baptized again so he can receive thy priesthood and serve a mission.´´ I just love her.  They are supporting Fran a ton so he can serve a mission.  He is 17.  We gave him a tie from Pres Wilkinson and nosotras that he can only use in his mission.  Then we taught Denise and Kaylor the Restoration... she had some doubts but I know by praying and studying the Book of Mormon she will receive her answer.  Its just true.

Saturday was Lauriano Francisco Mora Mora´s baptism.  It was a crazy day.  We got to the church early to teach piano... then helped a little to set up for the talent show... went home to study.. eat lunch... then back to decorate for the talent show... have the beautiful baptism (none of the members we asked to help came...)... then had the talent show!  It was a crazy day all in the church but it was fun.  In the talent show I sang Let it Go again like I did a year ago in San Jose.. then at the end all the missionaries did a skit about missionary work.  It was like a silent movie so I set the mood with several different piano pieces.  I am so grateful for music and the way I have been able to use it!

Sunday... well we had had a good week..... but had only found ONE new investigator... one of the nights (I forgot which) we spent almost the whole day just searching!! Knocking doors, visiting members, less actives, recent converts, asking referrals from EVERYONE and... nothing.  we went to the appointments we had and no one opened the door.  Everyone hid.  (We literally saw them hide haha).  Maria.. Linda´s mom... saw us and we stopped int he street to saludarla and she waved and looked down and passed right by.  It was so sad.  It was actually a week of looooots of rejection.  But thats okay.. that's how it goes :)  So Sunday we had fast and were praying for a miracle so we could find some people to teach- we generally find 15 every week.  We have some great sisters in the branch that did divisions with us and... AAAA i am out of time.  Ah man.  well the miracle is that we found six nuevos!! It wasnt our goal but I really saw the hand of the Lord guiding us and helping us feel encouragement even though we had had a rough week.  Every day we have rejection and bummer situations... but the blessing are so great that I can never complain!! Heavenly Father is blessing us so much.  I love this work.   I love you all so much and I wish you all the BEST WEEK EVER!!!

Love, Hermana Cook

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