Semana Cincuenta Cinco: I will receive my hija

Howdy ya'll!!  What a strange day.  I am writing you from San Jose (SURPRISE) and I only have five minutes left of internet because... well we started reeeeally late so we need to go to work.  Heres the sitch...
Friday we went to San Jose for the Consejo de Liderazgo and we met President Laboriel!! He is GREAT!! Very different from Pres Wilkinson but super great.  He is REALLY disciplined, we can't drink coke or much pop at all... and we have to memorize all the Articles of Faith, the prophets of the latter days, the current apostles, the order of the books in the Book of Mormon, the scripture masteries, etc.  everything really.  I memorized all thirteen articles on the bus home. It kind of feels like an army sometimes but I love it.  He has SO much energy and urgency for the work and is also SO loving.  On Saturday he came to Guanacaste and we all had our interviews.  I expressed to him my desire to truly end my mission giving it ALL I've got and to be able to feel how I felt when I trained and he said, ´´I promise you that you will  NEVER forget these 4.5 months.´´
Today are cambios.  And I guess that's the big news.  I have changes!  Well... kind of..... my prayers have truly been answered.  I have been praying for a LOOOOONG time that I can end my mission training.  Well.... I´M GONNA TRAIN AGAIN!!! I cannot begin to explain how grateful I am.  So here is how it happened.  Hermana Loza changed rooms and is now companions with Hermana Flores because Hermana Contreras is ending her mission today.  I am staying in my area and will train.  Now Hermana Loza and Flores are the Sister Training Leaders.  Sister Loza also was the trainer of Hermana Flores so now they are together again!  So this week I will receive my hija.... I will train her for two changes then have one change left!  I am ready to give it ALL I'VE GOT and serve the Lord as a completely consecrated missionary.  I love this mission!!!!

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