Semana Treinta y Dos: Forgot to pay the water bill

Hola todos!!!!!! Como están???  I feel like it has been YEARS since we have written.  I miss you all quite a lot but I am very happily serving here!  I am going to do my best to remember more highlights this week.... and in these days coming on I am going to make time to write in my journal so I can actually remember everything I want to tell yáll!


Hermana Muñoz´s last day!  Also today we found a girl in the street that is our age.  I asked her if she is happy and she started crying saying no.  I was able to testify to her of her worth and how she can change and the JOY that comes from the gospel.  It is so clear people!  The gospel makes us happy!!! Live it!! :)


Hermana Muñoz se fue :(  and now it is just me and Hermana Ortiz!! We worked really really hard today and are starting to see great results in our area!


Still workin hard!  OH I forgot.. this week.. well last week we forgot to pay the water bill... but they said that if we paid it Monday morning they would reconnect the water Monday afternoon... so we did... but didn´t have water. Which means no toilet either.  Tuesday no water.  Wedneday no.  Thursday no.  Friday.... finallly we called them and they said that they connected the water on Monday!!!!! we just had to find a knob thing outside the house and turn it on!!! A week without water for nothing!  :)  haha but we have learned to pay the water bill on time!   :)


Today the phone turned off and We didn´t have the pin to turn it back on.  So we were phoneless. Which means we 
couldn´t call our investigators to come to church.  The elders had a baptism and we invited Alberto to come.  He is progressing great!  The baptism of the elders was baptized six times for his feet sticking out!! He will never forget his baptism!  Then we got home and the lock on the front door broke.  So we had to climb through a window.


WE WOKE UP LATE!!! That is unheard of.  We woke up a whole hour late.  Didn´t hear the alarm or something but we got up late.  Ran out the house.  Realized that we locked the window so now we couldn´t get in the house again.  Didn´t have a phone still  (but at least we had water!) we got on the bus and saw Roney outside walking with his boys not ready for church.... (update... Roney is doing GREAT!  He was progressing so much and hadn´t smoked or drank alcohol for two weeks!) so we got off the bus and ran to Natalia's.  She said that last night Roney drank a LOT... so then Roney came home and refused to go to church.  :(  so we helped Nataila get the kids ready and make breakfast (beans) and went to church... AFTER the Sacrament.  :(  Then they told us we missed ward council.  I was a little overwhelmed and started to cry a wee bit :)  At church we met a woman who brought her daughter with her... the woman is a member but her daughter isn´t and she turns nine next sunday!  So she will be baptized with us .  Alberto also came to church.  Then at night we went to visit Roney and he wouldn´t talk to us :(  He had drunk much more and just walked passed us and went to sleep.  Natalia cried.  :(  It is so sad.  It is natural to fall again and struggle with these big changes... we just hope he will talk to us again and let us help him change!  We wrote him a letter of how we are fighting for his salvation but can´t do anything if he doesn't do his part.  When we visited on Monday he had pinned the letter on the wall.  I think he will still progress!


We cleaned the house BIG time and then went on a forest walk with the district.  I have LOADS of pictures but no time.  It was pretty!   Then we decided with the elders to do Biggest Loser.  THere are only two weeks left of the transfer and so the companionship that losest the most in these two weeks wins :)  So to start (before the first weigh in) I bought a big cake.  I think we will win.  I also have a picture to send that is of the lunches we have been eating... tuna on gluten free crackers... a plate of fruit and a plate of veggies.  and LOTS of water!  Wahoo!!! :)  


We woke up early to run.  It felt so good!  Today we have LOADS of plans to find nuevos and improve our area.  Next week you will be getting a big update of people!!  I love you all!!! Thank you for your love and support.  It´s always rough out hear for different reasons but I LOVE it.  Being a leader isn´t my favorite thing but I am learning to love that too!  I will talk to you next week with lots of great news!  LOVE YOU ALL!

 P.S.  We listened to a missionary CD this morning when we got ready and it was all the music that Kate used to listen to and Kelsey would make fun of her... But just so you all know.  It is actually GOOD wholesome inspiring music.  The "I was born in Oklahoma" song made me cry :)  I love you all!!!

Hermana Cook

Our parrot friend

The skies here are INCREDIBLE

Look at the windows

Healthy Food

When you pray on your knees a lot, you get patches on your skin. .  

I saw a pillar of light. . . . 

Rainbow Trees

Me and Hermana Ortiz

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