Setente y uno: Every day we see little miracles

Randal and Jessica are just the BEST!! Randal passed his interview... everything is going great for the wedding... we are working hard and they are SO prepared.  I am so blessed to have been part of uniting this family for time and all eternity!  

Hermana Fowler has a parasite (or maybe several) :) and is currently in the hospital... on Sunday we did divisions and I stayed home for half the day with her the poor thing.  Lets just say none of us are EVER eating meat again... and we also ´´fired´´ our cook and are going to start cooking at home.

Oh ya I remember something that happened this week!  I had to go to San Jose to renew my cedula even though it expires just FIVE days before I leave the country!! Bummer.  

The rest was normal... preaching the gospel daily :)  Every single day we see little miracles and tender mercies... Every single day I feel this influence of the S
pirit in my life.  Every single day I find new ways I can improve and become more like my Savior.  I am HEARTBROKEN that this is all going to end soon...  Last week the YSA stake sent me a letter with a talk by Jeffrey R. Holland.. It´s the talk where he says, ´´What I need, Peter, are disciples.  And I need them forever.´´ This talk really impacted me.  I truly am a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Not just in Costa Rica.  Not just for 18 months.  FOREVER!  My whole life is dedicated to serving my Lord and my God.   

Well folks.  Here I am.  Starting my last real week in the mission.  I am so sad to be leaving all these people I have come to love so much.  But I am very much looking forward to the way I can serve Heavenly Father for eternities on end.  I love you, dear family. And I will see you soon :)

love, Sister Cook

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